What you'll learn...

💜 Where energy really comes from (pg. 17)

💜 Why your energy is more valuable than time OR money (pg. 4-5)

💜 How your energy determines pretty much everything in your life, including how much you earn (pg. 7-9)

💜 How to quickly assess your current energy level using the  energy scale +  how to use the simple scale to progress and feel better each day, rather than remain stuck going round in circles (pg 13-15)

💜 The Energy Equation: The simple two-part formula for lifelong renewable energy. THIS knowledge is what separates the few sprightly 80 and 90 year olds you see occasionally from the masses who are either dead or falling apart by the same age. (pg 17)

💜 The one single fact you're ignoring that's slowly devastating your energy levels (and your health) - possibly without you even noticing + what you can start doing about it today. (pg 18)

💜 A sneak peak at the Daily Energy Clock where I show you how tweaking your daily routine to align with it gives you an energy-efficient day, which frees up your energy for the stuff that matters most (pg 23)

💜 Your FREE and EASY daily source of renewable energy (it's so good AND 75% of people aren't maxing it out so statistically you probably aren't either) (pg 28)

💜 The easy way to live a balanced life with my Daily12 methodology, which will make your ON hours more productive and your OFF hours more enjoyable and restful #winwin (pg 29-30)

💜 The BIGGEST and most overlooked and untapped source of epic energy, and how to start opening yourself up to it fast (pg 39-44)

💜 A powerhouse technique that allows you to discern between the things that drain your energy versus the things that give you energy, the things you should be doing versus the things you shouldn't, without giving yourself a headache overthinking it, or even thinking about it AT ALL. This technique only takes a few seconds to implement and with this tool you'll always be able to make great decisions based on what's right right for you FAST. Seriously, it's worth checking the eBOOK out just for this.  (pg 45)

💜 Simple practices and challenges throughout to get you turning all this theory into action, because if you want real results, you have to take actual action!

Plus, so much more!