Your English also needs workout

What if you could train your English skills the same way you work your body at the gym? Well, you can... and you should. Language is pretty much like a muscle: it can grow, shrink or stagnate.

If you are an Intermediate English speaker you know what we mean. You're probably feeling that you are stuck and cannot go any further. You got to a point where you know English but you cannot actually use it. That is called the Intermediate plateau, and only a shock or boost will take you out of there. 

We designed SWIT to help you escape that valley. Prepare to feel uncomfortable, and to enjoy the feeling.

Take it to the next level


All training is fully accessible from wherever you are


No grammar. No lecturing. No bullshit. Focus on practice.


Intense means keeping it short and sweet to make you progress

Work it as you do at the gym

Daily Challenges

Every day you get a tip about English and a challenge to practice individually

Weekly Classes

Every week you can join speaking and writing real-time group classes

Monthly Membership

Every month you get full access to all activities and can attend any class you want