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The 7 Top Profitable Business Sectors in Africa

Africa is a continent full of wealth and opportunities. However, the majority of Africans still live in poverty. The world is moving at the speed of light but Africa is unfortunately still lagging behind in terms of business, technology and profitable activities. 


Why Plastic Surgery can be a complex solution?

Everyone knows or has heard of surgery, but who really knows what it is for? Have you ever heard of cleft lip and palate or other diseases related to deformity? Well, you will be surprised to learn that aesthetic surgery was originally designed for these types of cases


The Saka Saka, the great Congolese recipe!

The Saka Saka is a dish from Africa. It is also found in the Comoros, it is made with crushed and boiled manioc. Here in Congo it is saka saka, but in other countries it changes name according to the culture.