Sword & Shield Study of Ephesians

a 7 week Bible Study and Prayer course

Are you struggling with feeling connected to God? 

When life gets chaotic and stressful - where do you go to feel protected and comforted?

There is One source for comfort and He has had you on His mind from the beginning of time! 

Join us for a study of the book of Ephesians and lay aside your anxiety, your feelings of disconnect. This epistle, from the very beginning, shines a bright light on all of the blessings there are in a relationship with Jesus. 

your daily Bible study time and refresh your spirit by being in the Word every day, learning of God's plan to meet your needs, and to protect you through a life in Christ. 

It's as easy as signing up for the study today!

Let me tell you about the Ephesians Study

 Join a Bible study of the book of Ephesians and learn the blory of God's plan and how to live life as a Christian.

The Sword & Shield Study of Ephesians is a study that is designed for new and experienced Bible students.

Simple materials are easy to access.

The study comes with a detailed plan to follow, but also includes options you can choose from to make the study your own.

The Basic Study Plan comes with:

  • Study Plan for the whole book of Ephesians
  • Scripture Writing Journal Page
  • Scripture Writing Study Builder
  • a copy of The Diligent Woman's Beginner's Bible Marking Guide

Other Study Plans are available for those who want to dig deeper. These include prayer prompts, memory verse cards and tracker, Word study page, and Dig Deeper study questions.

You can CHOOSE which study materials you want to use.

You can follow along with the study via email or The Diligent Woman's Facebook page.

Your choice

Sign up for the study today!

Blessing #1

Establish a daily routine of reading God's Word.

Blessing #2

Focused study of one book of the Bible.

Blessing #3

Easy to do alone or in a group.

Go from feeling small and overlooked to being confident God is aware and working for you!