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Fifteen: A Compilation of Poems

Perfect for those struggling with mental health, or those who have had dark thoughts in the past, Fifteen is a poetry collection designed for people who don't often read poetry, and are struggling with  true friendships, embracing joy, self acceptance, and living your faith while struggling with mental illness.

About Fifteen

"This collection is a beautiful peek into Amie's personal journey, filled with hope and honesty, and I'm honored to be able to place a copy of it on my shelf." -- Kara Swanson, author of Dust

"These poems were inspiring, sympathizing, and painted a beautiful but sometimes mournful picture of what life is like from the perspective of a suffering person learning how to grow . . . I felt myself escaping into this poetry book in the same way I would a fantasy novel, which I have never experienced before in poetry." -- Goodreads Reviewer 

"FIFTEEN is one of my favorite poetry books for one of two reasons. One, It's heartfelt in its delivery, and two, it's relatable. Amie does an amazing job of approaching the ups and downs, the lowest of lows, and embraces her flaws through poems that are both heartwrenching and yet, hopeful." -- Rebekah A. Black (Author, Blogger, Poet, Podcaster, and Mental Health Advocate)

Amie Woleslagle

Amie is a suburban cowgirl with a penchant for words. What started as a coping mechanism quickly became a burning passion and a desire to help others with the same challenges she faces. Battling with physical and mental health issues, she is passionate about showing through her stories and poetry that in the darkest night, the stars shine the brightest.