Lights Out Energy

Helping save money on services you use everyday!

We are here to help you keep your hard-earned money in your pockets. No sense in paying more for the same service, right?

We can help with energy, cell phones, merchant services and more!

Why I am so excited!


We are an energy consulting company that negotiate rates with up to 25 suppliers for commercial energy and 3 suppliers for residential.

Energy deregulation has allowed for competitive rates and as your rep, we can help you find a plan that will save you money!

Nick Beck bringing over 30 years of industrial/ commercial account management to you. We focus on all size commercial and industrial customers as well as some residential accounts who want to help to attain sustainability and managing budgets. Nick Beck, an industrial engineer, has over 30 years of experience with Duke Energy as an industrial engineer, where he provided gas and electric savings and bill analysis along with many other value-added services for large industrial and commercial customers.

Krista and Nick work together to help you and your staff with:

Energy Bill Reviews – Lower peak summer demand and reduce ratchet payments.

Electric Pricing Strategies - Index hourly pricing, hedging strategies, fixed pricing.

Gas Pricing Strategies - NYMEX monthly rate, hedging strategies, fixed pricing.

25 Major Gas and Electric Wholesale Suppliers to Shop with – Increase competition and always get the best rate! We can price in multiple states if you have locations outside Ohio.

Total Turn-Key lighting projects, incorporating utility rebates.

Energy Efficiency Rebates – Lighting, Motors, VFDS, Solar, etc.

Annual Savings and Rate Analysis, Demand Response Optimization, Peak Load Contribution Optimization.

Ratchet Implications, Power Factor Analysis, Capacitor Installation.

Utility Interface - From new installations and substations to billing issues.

Merchant Services

We have credit card processing services to meet just about any need. If you are doing more than $3000 a month in sales, we have a great plan for you!

FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation. We just need a copy of your statement to make sure we meet all your needs based on volume and way you receive payments.

Within a few days, we will present our findings and let you know how we can help, or if you are currently in a great spot!


I'm Krista. My team and I work hard to help you save money on the services you already use!!  We can negotiate rates with some of our vendors and just compare rates with others to see what is the best fit for you!

Sometimes our customers have great rates and we recommend staying where they are.  Other times we help them save hundreds of dollars. 

That is where our integrity lies.  We are looking out for your best interest.  We work from referral-based marketing so we can keep the cost as low as possible.  So we value you and want to keep you happy!

We are here to help you in any way we can.  We have other great companies and services we can refer you to if you need any connections, let us know.  

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  • Internet services and more