10 Essential Oils Every Family Needs in Their Natural Medicine Cabinet

Learn how we use just ten herbal essential oils to take care of over 600 issues in our all natural homes!



What you’ll learn

The top ten oils that every family needs in their all natural medicine cabinet

How we use essential oils everyday in our own homes

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About the Hosts

Lisa, author of the blog Farmhouse on Boone is a mother of 5, who is passionate about creating an all natural handmade home. She loves sharing her life with others.


Laura, author of the blog Our Oily House, is a mother of 4, health nut and is the very definition of a "crunchy" mom, She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of essential oils with others. 

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Lisa Bass


Lisa is the author of the blog Farmhouse on Boone, where she shares food from scratch, natural living and a handmade home. She creates educational and inspirational videos and photos for her Youtube channel and Instagram.

Laura Ascher


Author of the blog, Our Oily House, Laura has a love for educating others on the benefits of essential oils. She shares new educational videos, DIY recipes and natural solutions every week for her Youtube channel and Instagram.