The Unflappable Celia Graham

When Celia Graham gets hired to be the personal assistant of the star actress, Bobbie Thurson, in the theatre company WordPlay, she jumps at the chance to go to Monte Carlo. What could be better than getting to do what you love, and travelling the world? But Monte Carlo holds more than just a job for Celia; it has the potential to capture her very heart as well, in the form of Greyson North, the lead in the play. Will Celia's cheerful exterior fall, or will she finally find her chance to shine?


Evelyn Grimald

Evelyn Grimald is, as well as a romance author, fascinated with all things human. She has been exploring the human condition in her writing since she was a young girl. Since then, Evelyn has penned several novels. She chose romance in a desire to show everybody that desire, and love, are in the eye of the beholder. As are our smiles.

Evelyn lives a quiet life reading and writing, which her cat and dog both appreciate. When not writing, she is walking or reading, exploring so many of the worlds which books provide.

She had toured all over with Phantom and seen various other hotels with the other productions she had been involved with, but there was something about being in another country that made everything more interesting and novel. The carpet was plush and a deep burgundy. The bed was made with a gold and cream duvet and pristine white sheets were expertly tucked in underneath, the pillows plush. The furniture was made of cream-painted wood and the bathroom was big enough for a full bathtub and shower. It was exotic and beautiful and would be her home for the next while.

She felt like a princess.

Or, perhaps better, a successful artist ready to take on the world...

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The Unflappable Celia Graham

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