What's inside?

Filling the seats of an event can be hard. Traditional marketing and advertising platforms have grown less effective in the age of the internet. Few people still read magazines. Everyone fast forwards through commercials. But, there is still hope with a cohesive social media strategy.

Social Media has changed the face of event marketing. For an event to gain traction with an audience, it must have a solid social media strategy as part of the marketing mix. Social media may seem easy, everyone does it after all, but marketing an event using these platforms can be a complicated task. That is why we put together this guide for you. Inside, you will find strategies and tips for all the most important social media platforms related to event marketing.

Contents Include: 

  • Developing A Social Media Strategy
  • How To Market Your Event on Facebook
  • Harnessing The Power of Instagram
  • Using Snapchat For Live Events
  • Breaking Through The Noise On Twitter
  • Social Strategy And The Event Lifecycle
  • Your Social Strategy Checklist

About the authors

Lorne Feeser

Marketing Assistant for Xorbia Tickets and senior marketing major at Georgia State University. Atlanta native who's ambitious, and a lover of interesting facts. I have a passion for discussing the implications of marketing and technology on our modern lives.

William Adeimy

Passionate about live events, my community, and leveraging technology to help our clients succeed. 4+ years of experience driving top line growth and operational efficiency with expertise in digital marketing, ticketing and access control at live events.