Everyday boundaries examples to use with family, partners, friends and at work.

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Boundaries are our personal "rules", they are the limits that define what is acceptable for us or not when we interact with others.

Learning to set and communicate our boundaries clearly is essential to have our needs met and to live a happy fulfilling life.

I know setting boundaries isn't easy, it takes a bit of practice and a lot of courage too! That's why I decided to create this guide.

With my guide you will:

- Understand what boundaries are
- Get easy-to adapt lists of boundaries examples
- Learn to set and communicate your won boundaries
- Improve your personal and professional relationships

    About me

    Hi, I’m Chiara, I’m a certified Life & Business Coach and a member of ICF (International Coach Federation).

    I help women all over world find their purpose, rediscover their True Self and live life on their own terms.

    I believe you have the right to be yourself and do what's best for you, no matter what other people think and I'm here to support you as you do that.

    “I gained more clarity on what I had to do next and how I could do it, which led me to “feel” and then reach my goals”.

    Carole Henrar, Founder & CEO at “Grow to Excellence” 

    - Liège, Belgium

    “Chiara always held up a supportive space for me to process my emotions and find my own answers”.

    Elle Mc Pherson, Travel Coach at “Beyond the Itinerary”

    - Washington DC