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Expat Women deal with Anxiety

It is the second mental health problem among expats, after depression.

Being abroad and "living the life" is beautiful and a great opportunity. It also involves challenges that can trigger a high ammount of stress that might not be comprehensible to the eyes of others (sometimes even family members and friends).

That might lead to shame and guilt, as we might blame ourselves for not cherishing what we are "supposed" to  enjoy.

This is expat anxiety, a challenge that many of us face!

That's why I made this guide. You will find:

- Concrete, simple, and easy-to-apply strategies and tips to manage the anxiety, stress and sadness you could experience living abroad. You will feel relieved and energized instantly!

- Ideas and steps you can use anywhere in the world you decide to live so that you can truly cherish and enjoy your expat life!

Want more benefits? You will:

- save time! Instead of worrying and thinking about what bothers you a big part of the day, dedicate a couple of minutes to these tips, and you'll feel with more energy and time to spend on what you want!

- feel resourceful, motivated and strong to get out of the hamster wheel, and move forward to your goals and dreams you've been postponing!

I'm Gabriela, Psychologist, Coach and Expat

I have more than 15 years of experience as a psychologist, starting in human resources, and the last six years I've dedicated exclusively to working as a psychologist and coach for expats and expat partners. I have helped over 300 clients from all over the world and in 3 languages: English, Spanish and German.

That is why I can tell you this: I have a lot of experience, and the people who work with me have favourable and sustainable results over time: empowerment, motivation, understand and cope with their emotions, healthier relationships, deeper connections.

And something essential to offer you my help: I AM an expat and lived the challenges and difficulties that life abroad brings with it. That is why I can tell you with all authority that I understand you perfectly.

I have prepared this guide with love and dedication, because I want you to feel happy and fulfilled in the expat life you have chosen. And you will!

I send you a big hug.

By your side,