Building a business alone is hard.

Establishing a thriving business you love in a sea of ClickUp professionals is even harder.

Expert is a 6-month mentorship program for aspiring (& established) ClickUp Professionals who are ready to crush their goals & increase their profits all while building a business by design.

This mentorship is dedicated to helping you achieve two things as a ClickUp professional…

Transform your business & ClickUp services into something that is highly desirable & sought-after

Design a business that helps you far exceed your monetary goals & achieve your desired lifestyle

Your journey of growth & success has just begun.

It’s time to break through that glass ceiling & reach your full potential.

Your mentorship over the next 6-months will look like this

Group Mastermind

Stay focused & productive with a very small group of carefully selected ClickUp professionals who are ready & committed to building a thriving business. The mentorship group will hold space for up to 8 entrepreneurs to ensure each member has ample time to work through strategy, ask questions, & collaborate in a beneficial manner.

Collaboration & Action

We will meet bi-weekly on Wednesday for a 90-minute session (first call 6/7/23). These zoom sessions are designed for collaboration & immediate action. Each meeting we will spend 60 minutes masterminding & collaborating on a wide range of discussion topics & 30 minutes taking massive action in a co-working type setting.

Guidance & Support

Get Jena's ClickUp & business expert eyes on your business so you can break through & overcome barriers quickly with an action plan. Exclusive to our mentorship members, you will have the opportunity to secure 1:1 power hour sessions with Jena to deep dive even further into your business at a discounted rate.

Learning & Discussion

Our weekly sessions are very loosely broken down into topics surrounding developing your unique ClickUp service, client experience, & marketing your services. Anticipate that these topics will be used to guide thoughts, conversation, & questions but we will not limit ourselves to these topics. They will be a general jumping-off point. Our learnings & discussions will flow with whatever our members are needing support in.

Guest Experts

Jena has carefully curated a handful of guest experts to support you on your journey inside this mentorship. Each month we will have the opportunity to learn from a special guest on a topic they are specialized in. Guest experts include (but are not limited to) ClickUp Expert (well-known YouTuber 😉), Profitability & Money Coach, Client Experience Expert, Networking Expert, Marketing Specialist, & more.

Accountability Group

Each member of the mastermind (along with Jena) will help support & keep others in the group accountable to their goals & progress. We will have a members-only Facebook group where you can interact & get feedback & support from other mastermind members.

Get Referred

ClickUp professionals who complete 6 months or more of this one-of-a-kind mentorship will be regularly referred out to my network of colleagues, previous/existing clients, & other business owners.

ClickUp Training

Members who join this mentorship must have a high-level understanding ClickUp - how its features function & how t set up a successful workspace. You will gain lifetime access to my comprehensive training program LevelUp with ClickUp. This is a $997 course!

Join for as low at $597 per month.

If you are ready to show up, put in the work, & make strides in your business then Expert: A Mentorship for ClickUp Professionals is meant for you.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve been where you are now.

Fast-track your success with a verified ClickUp expert.

You & I, we're not so different. In fact, we may have even been the same person at some point.

Yeah, sure I have a background in Educational Operations & a Master's Degree in Adult Online learning but I needed to gain entry into the online space somehow. For me, it started with simple admin tasks until I found my footing & began to find ways to incorporate my robust background & education into my service offerings.

Then, I found ClickUp. Game changer.

My services morphed into a marriage between ClickUp & Operations where I helped my clients create ClickUp systems that enabled them to grow their businesses sustainably.

Not only did that switch & improvement in services greatly benefit my clients, but it also skyrocketed my business revenue & profits.

I’ve walked the path & hit the bumps in the road to get where I am today. But you don’t have to battle the same hurdles I did.

I’m here to help you fast-track your success. Will you partner with me?

Let’s get down to business.

You may have some burning questions.



Is this mentorship application only?

Yes. To ensure this mentorship program is the right fit for its members, all applicants are vetted. We are currently accepting applications for the June cohort beginning 6/7/23.

What are the program start date & weekly session times?

We get started with our fist session on 6/7/23. Your weekly sessions occur every other Wednesday at  9:00am-10:30am PST.

Will there be more than one mentor group in this cohort?

Depending on how many members are accepted into the program there may be 1-3 mentor groups. You will be placed in a group that makes the most sense for where you are in your business & what your goals are.

How accessible is Jena for answering questions?

I will facilitate all of our group sessions & will consistently be in the Facebook group to answer any questions (response within 24 hours). If you opt for a 1:1 power session, you will work directly with me in 60-minute increments.

Are all sessions recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. You will have access to them inside the mentorship portal for as long as you are inside this mentorship container.

What is the cost of this 6-month mentorship program?

$597 per month OR $3497 pay-in-full

After 6-months, can I extend my mentorship for another 6-months?

Absolutely! I am in this for the long haul with you! If you continue, you will be locked in at the same rate even if the mentorship investment price increases.

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