Want to help your kids learn without loosing your sanity?

Educational Websites

I’ve created a resource library page featuring dozens of Educational Websites for children.  These websites are parent tested and kid approved.  I guarantee the children in your life will love these sites.

Children LOVE to use tablets and computers.  They can be a wonderful resource when you go to the right sites.  You don’t want to encourage mindless screen time.  Here in the Resource Library you will get websites and apps separated by subjects.  Children are having fun and learning when using these websites. The websites are geared toward Preschool and Elementary age children. 

Friend Freebies

I want to make it easy for you if you ever want a page from my site.  This page will have all the FREEBIES in one place.  The Freebies are for those on my list.  Now anytime you want another page of my resources you can find them all here. I want to help you get that much deserved minute of peace as your children play and learn. By being on my list you have access to items and information that is not open to the public. Be sure to check back frequently for updates. Use these resources with your kids. 

Hello, I’m Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I’m a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers through early childhood. I’m a mom to two boys. Explore Kid Talk is a parent’s resource for children. This often includes activities, crafts, development and day to day with children. I’m here to help you get that much deserved minute of peace. Help your toddler and kids learn while building memories at the same time. Entertain your kids using everything you already have.

If you have any questions please email me at rachel@explorekidtalk.com


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