From award-winning children's author Scott Peters. 

Perfect for young explorers.

Hi, I'm Scott Peters. In addition to designing over 300 museum and science center exhibits, I write middle grade mysteries and adventures for kids who love to explore the world.

My 'Zet Mysteries' are set in ancient Egypt, and my 'I Escaped' novels, which I co-write with several authors, transport young readers around the world.

When I was a child, I loved reading. I'd hunker down with my books and none of my siblings could pull me away.

The other thing I loved were mazes, word finds & activities I could do on my own.

So it occurred to me - why not design activity packs to go with my books? Of course, you don't need to read my stories to enjoy the Explorer's Club, but it really does make for a whole lot of extra fun.

With everyone at home these days, it seemed like a good time to start. We all need a break!

I hope young explorers everywhere will enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. 

Scott Peters
Bestselling author

You'll get a 6-pack of mazes, word searches & activities like these pictured here once a month. 

Mind-Bending Mazes

Puzzling Word Finds

Clever Coloring Pages

What people are saying:

Q: What format are the activity packs?

A: They're PDF files. Each one is 7 pages, consisting of a customizable cover page and 6 activities. They can be printed on any home printer

Q: I'm a teacher. Can I copy them and use them in my classroom?

A: Absolutely! 

Q: How long do I have access?

A: Forever! (Well, as long as I keep making them. Right now I've built 12 packs, which means you'll get one per month until the end of the year.) You can unsubscribe with one click via the email at any time.

So . . . ready, set, let's go!