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This Bootcamp teaches you a step by step process to growing in confidence.  It SIMPLIFIES confidence.

Here are the 4 steps:

1. Feel the Fear

2. Trust Yourself

3. Baby Step

4. Celebrate

Who is this bootcamp for?

Driven, passionate, Christian women.

Your perfectionism gets in the way of doing anything at all.

You see the possibilities, you have a vision for the future, but fear holds you back.

Conflict at work brings anxiety, and you freeze.

You want to be a balanced woman (love filled relationships, successful business woman, and following your dreams) - but that seems impossible.

You can't find your voice. You either keep too quiet to not rock the boat, or explode with emotion.

There is a gap between your belief in what God is asking you to do and your actions.

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Questions?  Please reach out to me with any questions you have.  I would love to talk to you. or 325-280-2498

What does it cost?


What do I get?

4 videos where I teach you the 4 steps.


The confidence to face your fears.

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Confidence Bootcamp Course

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