Let's face it: people can tell you to "just do it" until they're blue in the face.

Truth is, though, there are days where you can't "just do it," no matter how badly you want to. There are times where you're stuck, and you don't know WHY. In those moments, it would be so neat if someone would actually tell you HOW to get moving again, right?

Well...ahem...guess what this class is about. Go on...guess.


And, because this was made by someone with ADHD, it's incredibly ADHD-friendly. The course moves quickly, but it's easy to follow, with actionable advice (none of that fluffy stuff) that is direct and detailed. It also comes with all kinds of materials to help you work things out in a way that is visual and simple, so that you aren't trying to just remember what you're seeing.

So hey...if you're looking for the tools you'll need to get yourself out of those dysfunctional moments, it sounds like you're ready to click below and enroll. 

What this class will do for you:

What you get when you take the class: 

⭐️ Five pre-recorded, easy- to-follow modules , covering the main reasons for your executive dysfunction

⭐️ Interactive workbook to help you work through your thoughts

⭐️ Food and water tracking sheets

⭐️ Project planning sheet

⭐️ Captions and transcripts for accessibility

A $400 value, only $47.


Will this get me to stop procrastinating altogether? 

Here's the thing: everyone procrastinates. I can't stop you from procrastinating 100%. What this class does do is, it teaches you what to address so that you can get moving again. So will this make you productive all the time? No. NOTHING can do that. But it will lessen your incidences of coming to a full stop. 

I don't have time/the attention span to sit and watch a full hour of content. 

That's totally fine, and something I anticipated. Which is why the class is pre-recorded. I also did this so that you can watch it again and again, as many times as you need. 

Do I need a printer to use the class materials?

Nope! Everything is in PDF form, so that you can also use any PDF editor to fill in the materials digitally, if you need to. 

What if I don't like the class? Can I have a refund? 

Due to the digital nature of the class, I can't do refunds. If, however, you find that it isn't working for you, I'll absolutely do everything I can to work with you to help you get what you need from the course. 

I don't have ADHD. Will this class work for me? 

This class is geared toward those with ADHD-related Executive Dysfunction, so I can't promise that all parts will apply to you. However, there are some points in here that may be helpful for anyone. 

Ready to understand your brain and get moving again? Click below to enroll!

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