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Hey Friends! My name is Nicole and I run Crafty Curriculum VA Services for TpT authors! I am a marketing nerd and want to help you thrive with your online business!  Join the journey to learn best and current practices to market your products today!

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Did you know you should spend 20% of your time creating and 80% of your time marketing? All of this can get super overwhelming. I see questions like "Where do I start?" "How do I market my resource?" all the time! I will answer all of those questions for you through emails and freebies!



On this pin itself I have a combo of 5 different keywords. Crazy right? The keywords are free, pumpkin activities, shape activities, and even shape or pumpkin by itself are keywords. How do I know this? I use Pinterest to search for keywords. I type in the general idea of my product and the bubbled words at the top are my keywords! BAM! Now I know what to write on my pins and in my pin descriptions.

Now sometimes these keywords like to disappear. But you can also set up an "ad" but not go all the way through with it and just use it as keyword finder. Click here to read about it!

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