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November 2020

Quiet Assurance

"When we come to truly understand God's grace, we realize grace is not the power to lift us out of our circumstances, but the solid refuge to persevere within them." -
Thelma Nienhuis, Author

Sometimes God's grace looks like saving us from pain and sometimes it looks like sustaining us in it. We all deal with grief in our lives, the result of brokenness not fully made new.

This 30-day devotional walks through the Psalms with the understanding that grief cannot be rushed, and that it can simultaneously be held with hope and joy.

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Print out this 8.5x11 pdf or save it to your phone for reminders of hope from the Word!

Hope for those who don't like your story - find encouragement in Renewed, a 4-week Bible study on Naomi and the book of Ruth. 

This lovely 90-day devotional
is not only beautiful, it goes beyond the surface to placing Christ at the heart of our daily lives.

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