Are you aware of fake BSY products?

Get from us the original and genuine BSY noni Black hair magic and the BSY Nonimagic Dark brown 

We also have the BSY Fed noni 

We are the sole distributor for BSY products in Malaysia .

To ensure that you get the genuine products, kindly contact us.

Email :- 

Phone number :- +60340244991 

How to check is genuine BSY Noni Black hair magic?

1.The genuine has the sticker BSY and with the logo. Also we have the 3SY and the BSY registered trademark.

2. We have 4 logos. 


b. Halal 


d. GMP certified

3. The "LLC" shows is a marking made by the manufacturer to Malaysia. 

4. The KKM ( MOH) with the notification number 


Get your trial sachet at RM10 only

HOw to use ?

1. Make sure your hair is washed if you had used gel, oilment and spray.

2.Towel dry well.

3. Wear gloves provided. Then tear one sachet, and pour on the palm. Mix with finger . Or you can do it in a bowl

4. Apply on the hair strand. Pay more attention at the hair roots. You can rub gently on and off and leave for 10 minutes

5. Your hair is ready. Now wash it off. You need not wear the gloves anymore.. Do not shampoo again. You can use your hair conditioner and apply like normal.



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