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The purpose of this Certified Performance Management  (CPM) course is to highlight the elements of performance management that lead to an effective and efficient organisational performance. This course will provide a strong foundation in deploying performance management by developing the next generation of performance experts. They will form the basis of the organisation performance measurement capability.

In addition, this obtained performance knowledge will help you in understanding, establishing, activating, reporting and generating value by using KPIs & OKR's across the organisation. By completing this course, you will gain both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety of performance management tools and techniques.

What you'll learn

  • This course will cover each aspect of an effective performance management to include
    • Practical tools and techniques that will enable you to implement a robust set of KPIs
    • Align your KPIs with the bigger business objectives
    • Present your data in a clear and engaging way
    • Enforce real, effective change in your business by choosing which metrics you should be measuring
    • Transform your working practices, whether as part of a larger company or for your own venture
    • Create complementary metrics that will work together to ensure the best possible outcomes
    • Deal with objections and resistance from other team members who don’t yet understand the transformative power of a solid set of KPIs
    • Take control of your performance and understand what drives improvements
    • Level-up your data skills so you can move up the career ladder
      • Goal Setting , Setting up Key result Areas (KRAs) for departmental heads.
      • Cascading in KRAs to managers and employees
      • Conduct of data and evidence based reviews
      • How to provide effective constructive feedback and action planning
      • A Step by step method of setting up each of the above components for your company
  • OKR's
    • Understand OKRs and their benefits
    • Introduce OKRs to your workplace
    • Create effective objectives, key results and initiatives
    • Run OKR setting
    • Implement a rollout plan
    • Define your OKR cycle
    • Find an OKR champion
    • Run effective check-ins
    • Run effective OKR retrospectives
    • Score OKRs at the end of the cycle

Performance Appraisal

Explain what is Performance Appraisal

  • Describe the purpose of Performance Appraisal
  • Define Goals and Work Efforts
  • Define Performance Criteria
  • Explain the steps in Performance Appraisal Process
  • Describe Who Should Do the Appraising
  • Explain the various methods of Performance Appraisal
  • Explain the importance of Appraisal Interview
  • Explain the Requirements of an Effective Appraisal System
  • Describe the errors of Performance Appraisal
  • 9 box grid for appraisal
  • Bell curve for appraisal
  • Section management 
  • 90-720 Degree role in appraisal
  • Competence role in appraisal

Master Performance Planning and Appraisal Structures to Align Talent with Business Strategy

Join us in this Course to learn PMS Cycle and techniques
- 2850 INR 
- 23 & 24th Nov 2023

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This workshop is scheduled for 23 & 24th NOV 2023