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 "Amanda gives great advice on how to not only save money, but her recipes and tips are awesome for someone wanting to improve their health. I can't wait to make bone broth and try all the homemade sourdough bread suggestions."


I can't wait to try some of these ideas to help our budget! Very infomative on how to eat better on a low budget!


This was a simple, easy to understand read and gave me lots of great ideas for stretching my family's shopping dollars. There are so many things we as a society buy when we can save $$ by simply making them ourselves! Thanks for the inspiration!

About the author

Amanda Kintz, RN

Amanda Kintz is an RN and accidental hippie. She loves creating new ways to save money without sacrificing healthy living values like nutritious food and a debt-free lifestyle. She lives with her husband and two sons in Missouri, blogs at CrunchyHippieLife.com, and drinks a lot of coffee.