A Planning Series for STEM in the Elementary Classroom

Join me in a 4-part series to get you involved with STEM!


 PART 1- STEM Planning Checklist - FREEBIE

PART 2- Student Planning Checklist - FREEBIE

PART 3 - Get Ready to Decorate Your STEM Area - FREEBIE

PART 4 - Getting Your Money's Worth with STEM Resources

About Teachers Are Terrific

Just a Little Background...

I started teaching in a STEM Lab five years ago and, guys, I had nothing. No resources, no planning outline, not one textbook, guidebook, or any idea what I was doing. It was a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming. We muddled through the first year because the students were totally on board with experimenting and learning with me. I can make this easier for you with 4  steps that will get you going on a grand STEM Journey! 

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