(Even if you're tried all the exercises and feel like you're getting nowhere.)

Uncover how you are unconsciously sabotaging your Core and Pelvic Floor rehab everyday.

Grab your Free Guide to STOP making these 7 common mistakes so that your rehab exercises actually make a difference and you get RESULTS.

This guide will teach you: 

  • To identify YOUR personal movement habits that are stopping your diastasis from getting better.
  • Why these habits are a disaster for your core and pelvic floor
  • How to quickly correct them so your Diastasis can heal faster.

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Are you tired of trying to heal your diastasis and not seeing any results?


You might be undoing all your hard work and not even know it.

Your everday movement habits have a huge impact on how your diastasis heals.

I've put together this guide of the top 7 Diastasis Mistakes that my clients make when they aren't exercising.

Fixing these mistakes has been the key to getting them faster results.

Meet Your Coach

Maritza Linzey

As a Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist and Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience, Maritza teaches moms to reprogramme how they load and activate their core so they can ditch the aching hips and lower back pain.

Working with Maritza has helped moms reconnect with their tummy muscles (so they don’t look five months pregnant anymore) and rebalance their whole body while healing their Diastasis.

When she’s not helping moms get stronger and feel confident they can chase runaway toddlers downhill without leaking, you can find her with her hands in the dirt in her the garden, shaking her hips like Shakira (‘cause strong abs and hips don’t lie) while teaching her Zumba classes or answering her kids when they ask “Why?” for the twenty seventh billionth time.