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  • You wish you had more energy in the mornings
  • You hit the snooze button up until the very last possible minute
  • You use to have a morning routine but now that you’re working from home you left it in the past
  • You feel like there are just not enough hours in the day
  • You rush around every morning
  • You having trouble waking up in the morning
  • Your mornings often feel dragged out with tasks
  • You are not feeling productive throughout your day
  • You feel like you never have time for yourself


    Personal Workbook

    Personalized VIP workbook just for you, full of resources, checklists, and tools for you to use throughout the program

    Accountability & Coaching

    Throughout the 21 days you will have bonus access to me privately for accountability, and help to reach your goals



    "I started this program because I felt like too busy to make time for myself and complete my to do list for that day. That to do list included self care tasks that I have been wanting to make time for. Once I joined this program I realized very quickly, making time for yourself first thing in the morning allows for a more productive and positive day! Before I started I was constantly tired and felt like I didn't utilize the day to the fullest. I personally felt this program helped me dramatically! I started to feel more energetic, more positive and focused through the day."

    "This program has helped me tremendously! I joined the program because I'm not a morning person at all and my unhealthy sleeping and waking up habits cause my days to become unproductive. I struggle to keep up with my routine on most days, but Megan has helped me keep accountable, pinpoint the reasons why I struggle, and take action to overcome them. Now, I can say I've found my morning routine and actually get things done for the day! I'm going to work on it consistently even after the program ends."

    "I have been very busy lately between my full-time job and my MBA. I haven't found a balance between selfceare and productivity. I joined because I wanted to better myself starting with giving myself some time and your structure has done that for me. I no longer feel like I am starting my day going 100mph and rushed."

    "Just taking a few moments for yourself before starting the day seemed like it would be good for the soul. Nursing school is crazy and I feel that this process has helped me manage that stress better"

    "This is a great guide to push you into the right direction. Everyone’s path is different and you can tailor this program to fit your needs and focus on areas you would like to improve on."

    "Within 3 weeks of starting my morning routine I found myself finishing my to-do's with ease for the day, becoming 8x more productive, hitting some extra goals, and even being able to spend more time with family and friends. All of that came from making one change: my morning routine. THAT is how incredible it is." 

    "This program is so helpful! It has allowed me to get in a better routine, make better habits, and overall improve my day to day life!"