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Ehab’s Quick-Start Photography Guide

Welcome to my quick-start guide to photography; designed to help new photographers like you to familiarize yourselves with all the most important areas of photography, and get you confidently using your camera in as little time as possible. To this end, we start by looking at the camera and its basic controls, move on to discussing photographic composition and lighting, and end with a brief discussion of other camera equipment you may want to consider purchasing.

Take Your Photography To The Next Level.

This guide is written with the absolute beginner in mind, I like to think that even more experienced photographers will find it interesting and likely be able to pick up a useful tip or two. And remember, once you’ve got to grips with all the technical and aesthetic points covered in this ebook, you’ll find plenty more free in-depth guides to both the artistic and technical side of photography on my website.

Quick-Start Photography Guide

Chapter One

Let's start with the basics: What is the exposure triangle, sensor size & Metering? This is your 101 on Photography art.

Chapter Two

In this chapter, you'll learn about the rule of composition, rule of thirds & the golden ratio. Ultimately your goal should be to absorb these principals of composition so deeply that using them becomes an automatic reaction every time you look through your camera’s viewfinder. Then you should forget all about them.

Chapter Three

You know what the word “photograph” means, right? It’s composed of the Greek words phos
(photo), meaning light, and graphe
(graph), meaning to write or draw. Literally, then, it means to “draw with light”. Unsurprisingly, then, light is the single most important element of any photograph. This means that if you are to master photography, you need to become a master of light.

Ehab Amin

A Hoppiyest photographer who likes to share his photography experience with the world.

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