The Aligned Mind & Business Academy

An amazing, supportive community where we focus on mindset, strategy - and putting YOU at the heart of your business

"Genuinely Abi you've created an amazing space.  I love it SO much!"

"Really supportive group with awesome ladies.  Brilliant value for money.  Highly recommend joining".

I'm SO sorry - right now the membership is CLOSED as I'm working on some awesome stuff behind the scenes!  

But you can join the waiting list and be the first to hear when it opens - just scroll down.

Welcome to my membership - a membership with a difference.

Why is it different?

Because the focus isn't on what you 'should' be doing and pressure, pressure, pressure.

We don't work well when we're jumping to someone else's tune - even if we think it's a great tune!  We subconsciously resist anything that doesn't fully align with US.

That's why you sign up for courses and memberships, then you find you're not keeping up and end up feeling guilty. 

It seems like a great idea at the time, you LOVE what's being recommended - but then you find life takes over and all of a sudden you've got an overflowing 'to do' list, full of things other people have told you to do in your business that you don't really have the energy for.  

And you're on your own, trying to figure out which was is up and what to do for the best.

Not on my watch!

This membership is different because it starts with YOU.

Understanding how your mind affects everything you do.

Learning how to master your thinking so you feel FOCUSED, CONFIDENT and ready to SHOW UP in the world like you mean it.  Every day.

There's strategic support from me and the group - but we'll work on YOUR ideas and help you create a business you absolutely LOVE, which brings you joy rather than stressing you out.

And it's designed to require a minimum amount of time, but give you MAXIMUM support.

To get those clients.

To charge the prices YOU want but maybe feel afraid to charge.

To get those offers OUT there rather than keeping your incredible talents hidden from the world! 

Join the waitlist below, and be the FIRST to hear when I re-open the doors!