Ladies, are you aged 50 and beyond? Do you feel it's time we challenged outdated perceptions of how us 'women of a certain age' should be? I do! I’m sure you’ve seen the reports that 50+ women feel invisible and are misrepresented by the media and we all know it’s wrong in so many ways.

I believe it's time to set the record straight don't you and I'm super excited to invite you to take part in my campaign to photograph a variety of women who are 50+ and are ready to have their voices heard, their faces seen and show the world how we are generation fabulous!

Many 50 something women love this time of their life. They feel more confident and self assured, some no longer have others to care for and are finally no longer concerned what others think about how they look.

Ageing is just a number and nothing to worry about. Some women don’t get the chance to be 50 or have had tough times and some are battling illness. Lets celebrate our wisdom, share our stories and challenge the outdated perception that women have a shelf life and have less value beyond age 50.  It's time to shine the light on who we are right now!

The experience is designed around you, a pampering indulgent treat that includes having your hair and make up done by a professional followed by a magazine style photo shoot.

You will be invited to share your story with me and be featured on my website and social media.

Why over 50 and why now?

The over 50 population is far too big to be ignored and our strengths, beauty and wisdom needs to be celebrated.

Through the 50 over 50 campaign we can

Let the world see that age doesn't diminish beauty

Highlight our character, strength and spirit

Share our experiences of being a woman

Celebrate being you and accept your wonderful uniqueness

"I highly recommend Simone Hilliard Photography to all but especially to women over 50, what is not to love about having a fun afternoon photo shoot done. I loved every minute of it, the relaxing yet professional setting was just delightful.

We should embrace every wrinkle or as I liked to call them smile lines as they show we have lived and have a story to share. Be you and be all you can be!" - Lorraine Weselby 

Does this sound like something you'd like to experience?

Let's take a look at the cost and what's included

Sessions are £275 and all sessions include


The consultation is where we design your photo shoot and includes an online session with Laura Russell of Satisfashion who is a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. 

Laura will give guidance and advice on what suits you and which outfits make you look and feel fabulous for your photo shoot.


Your make up and hairstyling will be done by Jackie Cormack.  Jackie is an experienced hair and make up artist and you will receive an online mini skin analysis before your photo shoot.

On the day of your photo shoot you will have a custom, camera ready professional make up application and light hairstyling to perfect your look


Enjoy a fully guided professional photo shoot with me that includes 3-5 outfit changes.

I make it my job to connect with you and make you feel comfortable, show you flattering poses and make sure you bloom in your best light.

Following your shoot we will arrange a date for an online meeting where we can view your gallery of beautiful images.  Should you wish to purchase images you will have a £50 credit to put toward any product you choose as a gift from me for taking part in the 50 over 50 campaign. 

Products start from £325 for a digital package complete with a stylish crystal heart USB contained in a fabulous engraved box or you may prefer a beautiful wall art piece to hang in your home, the choice is yours.

You are however under no obligation to make a purchase.

Ready to be one of the 50? 

For an unforgettable experience created just for you sign up below.


I'm delighted to get to know you and share the adventure  of being 50 and over.

Why choose me to be your photographer?

I'm approaching my sixties and wanted to create something special that all women over 50 can enjoy. This campaign means a lot to me, it's about enjoying this time for ourselves because we are phenomenal!

I'd love for you to have time for yourself and have a ball creating fabulous memories as part of your legacy.

Ladies it's your time, come join me and let me show you your beauty and strength that I know you have.

Simone x