Discover the secret to weight loss in your 40s

The ‘midlife’ years can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons.  The transition to menopause seems to come with an expanding waistline that doesn’t seem to shift, no matter what you do!

Those tricks you used in your 20s and 30s to quickly shed half a stone before the summer holidays just don’t work anymore - the rules have changed now that your in your 40s.  

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Hello, I’m Faiza

Having spent 20 years in corporate retail I know how difficult it can be to eat healthily when you're juggling a hectic work and home life.  Throw in the challenges of approaching menopause as well and it's easy to feel out of control. 

Now, as a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach I help mid-life women feel re-energised, happy and healthy by coaching them through achievable dietary and lifestyle changes.

The secret to weight loss in your 40s and beyond

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