Power Travel’s Guide to Stress-Free Family Vacations

This guide is perfect for busy parents and working professionals like you! 

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Hello Family Vacationers and Busy Parents...

We know you’ve been dreaming about your next family vacation. Scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, fantasizing about your next family trip. 

Maybe you’re thinking about:

An all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean (paradise just to relax!)

A Disney destination (pure amusement for the kids and kids at heart!)

Or a European vacation (a fun and educational adventure!)

Or a family cruise (ahoy matey!)

Or maybe an African Safari (love those animals!)

You have some ideas of where you want to go, but you cannot find the time to plan one, or sit down and discuss with your family.

  • You’re busy balancing work and the kids, and you have no spare time to plan a vacay.
  • You want to find somewhere that your whole family will enjoy (somewhere to relax, fun excursions, experience the local culture), stay on budget, and suit everyone’s needs.
  • You’re worried about your family’s health and safety. Travel has changed drastically over the last year, and there are so many more safety and health concerns to consider. You aren’t sure what to do or a safe place to go.

You are overwhelmed with all the information online and aren’t sure when or how to start planning.

Introducing Power Travel’s Guide to Stress-Free Family Vacations

✓ Sift through our FREE easy to read guide with tips and tricks to start thinking about where to travel as a family

✓ Learn ways to reconnect with your family and the benefits of bonding over a memorable trips

✓ Get everyone talking about what’s on their bucket-list and what activities and preferences they have

✓ Read through our inspiration lists of top family travel destinations, read about why families preferred specific destinations, and start narrowing down your options

The Family Travel Guide is perfect for busy parents and working professionals like you!

Download ready-made checklists for:

  • Trip preparation
  • Travel tips
  • Packing lists for toiletries, kids, first-aid, clothing, and more!
  • Mom and Dad tips
  • While away from home tips
  • And more!

After reading the Family Travel guide, you will have

Ready to access our guide and start dreaming about your next trip?

Hi, I'm Clara!

I'm not just a travel agent. I am a travel ADVISOR and I help families like you plan stress-free vacations. 

As a mom, I know first hand the work involved with planning a vacation. I know how the many options can be so overwhelming.  

That's where my team and I come in and why I started Power Travel - to help you plan a perfect family vacation. 

As knowledgable professionals, we guide you through your options, the booking process, tips to maximize your vacation and check in on you after to make sure you had a memorable time. 

Power Travel is your stress-free vacation planners!  

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