Family Matters

After a long battle with Alzheimer’s Brett’s father, Gary Shreck, passed peacefully on March 24, 2019.  Our family is celebrating a life well lived and mourning a great loss this season. He was a wonderful husband, father and Papa and we know he had an impact on so many of your lives. As Garrick, Brett’s brother said, “His smile was life.” Brett was honored to be able to speak at his Dad’s funeral sharing memories of what a great man he was. We are thankful for him and grateful we have so many great memories to carry us through until we see him again.

One blessing of this season was that our entire family was able to be in Oklahoma for his funeral. It was the first time that Gloria and Moses had been allowed to travel to the USA with us. Kassidy came from Malibu and Natalie came from New York City, so all eight of us were together for a few days. It was such a joy for Gloria and Moses to meet their aunts, uncles and cousins! Thank you to so many who reached out with condolences for our loss and rejoiced with us about Gloria and Moses!