Create Your 5-Point Strategy to THRIVE as a Family NOW!

  • 5-Days of Family Focus
  • 3 Days of Speaker Panels: Men, Women, Educators (Children)
  • Dynamic Kingdom Visionary Leaders
  • Relevant Topics concerning Kingdom Families  

The Global Pandemic affected us all. Two years in, we're seeing the after-effects of the Pandemic and how it's affecting our kids, our spouses, and ourselves too. 

There's no better time than now to heal, RISE UP, and THRIVE together as a Family!

Are YOU Ready to THRIVE in the Aftermath?


Virtual / Online Event


October 24-28, 2022

Family THRIVE Conference is a FIVE (5) Day Conference hosted by the HOPE RE-Connects Families Coalition, a safe space to share, find encouragement, and create space for healing, is focused on learning how to THRIVE together as a Family NOW. It is designed to bring together Kingdom Parents, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Relatives, and Service professionals (PEERS) from all over the world to address relevant challenges concerning Kingdom Families, highlight relevant tools to bring awareness, and collaborate to create relevant Action Plans for intergenerational healing.

This year's theme is titled THRIVE in the Aftermath of the Pandemic, and is a continuation of the 2020 Family THRIVE Challenge™, a 21-Day Challenge birthed during the height of the Global Pandemic encouraging us to THRIVE in the midst of Crisis.

During the conference, you'll gain valuable tools and strategies from Kingdom Leaders and Visionaries who are experienced in their field and be empowered with resources and knowledge to THRIVE as a Family NOW!


Five Day Virtual Conference occurs nightly 8:30-9:30pm EST.

Oct 24

8:30 PM EST - Intro to Family THRIVE Conference™

Oct 25

8:30 PM EST - Women's Panel

Oct 26

8:30 PM EST - Educator's Panel

Oct 27

8:30 PM EST - Men's Panel

Oct 28

8:30 PM EST - Closing / Final Day 

Meet our speakers

We're super excited our line-up of speakers attending this year's event!

Journaling for the Generations

  Amber   Blakes

DVTD Life 

Michael Heckman

Visuals of Prayer

Anita J. Merchant

The I.D. Movement

  Dr. John 


Women Revived 






H.O.P.E. RE-Connects

  Irina Curenton






Are you energetic, a positive Kingdom PEER with a heart for families thriving and to serve? 

Are you a company interested in aligning with and supporting an event that supports Kingdom Leaders and their families THRIVING? 

Are you a financial supporter of wellness initiatives that involve families healing and thriving generationally? 

We are looking for people that can assist with tech, hosting backstage, Admin work, Promotions, and more. Come join the team.

We are looking for entities that are willing to assist through in-kind efforts, resources, and monetary support. Come partner with us.

Looking for ways to give on a recurring monthly basis? Come build with us.

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