3 Day Fantasy Story Writing Camp

Day 1

Creating unique, whimsical characters that live in a Fantasy Story

Day 2

Building fantastical worlds with its own language and rules

Day 3

Developing magical systems and exciting quests

When is this happening?

Labor Day Weekend!

Sat Aug 31 / Sun Sept 1 / Mon Sept 2

2 -4 pm CST, daily

Where is this happening?

How does right from the comfort of your home sound?

Yep - All your tween needs is:

  • a quiet space
  • a laptop or desktop or tablet - with a mic and camera (optional)
  • a pair of earbuds or headphones
  • a link from me that allows them into our private, virtual classroom, via Zoom

What will my tween learn?

Explore the Genre of Fantasy Story Writing and learn the tricks real, published writers use:

    Character Creation

    How to create believable characters - even if they're fictional creatures with three heads

    • Choosing the right Character Name, Goals, Motivations, and Weaknesses
    • Giving our Characters a solid backstory to pull from (where do they come from? what secrets are they hiding?)
    • Developing quirks, traits and special languages for our Characters
    • Learning to write Dialogue that moves the story forward

    World Building

    How to design a setting that adds conflict and enriches the story

    • Building a world where your new characters can live, work and play
    • Designing the rules of this new world: What Foods do they eat, Does the Environment determine how the characters live + dress, Who or What Governs the people/creatures,  What is the Social Structure based on: appearance, abilities, intelligence, etc? 
    • How can the Setting of the story create chaos or assist the Character in their goals?

    Adventure Mapping

    How to determine the Character's main goal and conflict and the best way to organize the story's plot + pacing

    • Exploring Cause + Effect in story writing
    • Developing a set of rules for the magical world: thinking through consequences
    • Writing in scenes and writing out of order to keep the story momentum strong

    Community + Support

    Sharing our work with fellow writers in a safe environment builds:

    • Confidence in our own work
    • Confidence in our ability to give + receive constructive criticism
    • A supportive group who is as excited about our story as we are: offering tips and suggestions to make our stories stronger + more relatable
    • Unlimited support from a published fiction and nonfiction writer!
    • A new group of writer friends!!

    How Does this Virtual Workshop Work?

    • Your tween writer joins our Live Virtual Classroom via a Zoom invitation link, each day from 2-4 pm Central
    • Together, we will workshop ideas for each young writer to develop Characters, Settings, and a Fantasy-based story line 
    • Mini-lessons + games to jump-start the creativity mode
    • Time to write during our workshops each day
    • Live, real-time feedback: we will share snippets of our stories for immediate suggestions on how to improve or clarify scenes
    • Daily emails of support from a published writer (me!) in between our workshop times!

    Who's runnin' this show?

    MJ Campbell

    Hey guys! I'm MJ - Writer - Teacher  - Ambassador of Sass

    I've been writing since 3rd grade and coaching tween writers  since 2009. You can read my full bio here.

    I believe we all have a story inside us and I inspire tween writers to tap into their Creativity, arm themselves with Confidence and be a part of a fun, supportive Community.

    Join me! Let's Rock your next Story!

    Cheers from your Peers!


    Neal's Dad

    "Neal really enjoyed the Ferris wheel scenario you asked him to write about. He has a nice smile on his face...and is talking about it constantly."


    Michael's and Natalie's Mom

    "You keep parents well informed about kids' progress and give them constructive feedback along the way. You go above and beyond to make sure kids enjoy the class and enhance their writing skills, as well."


    Julia's Mom

    "Julia was in your summer studio last year and enjoyed it so much!  Also, her experience with your teaching was so helpful during her school year!"

    Ok, what's this gonna cost me?

    Normally,  a 3-day live course with me costs $240

    But, you can register your Young Writer Today for the Discounted Rate of $129 !!

    • 6 hours of live interactive instruction (recorded to re-watch again and again!)
    • Unlimited email support throughout the weekend
    • Built-in community of tween writers
    • Confidence-building techniques that will help your tween writer shine!
    • Excitement of your tween writer having written their Fantasy Story draft!

    Exclusive BONUSES!!

    + EVERY Student will receive an invite to my upcoming YourStoryRocks Club - an online private, safe, supportive forum just for my tween writing students!


    Early-Bird Bonus!!

    Early-Bird Registered students will receive a 45-min complimentary 1:1 video call with me! { $99 Value }

    We will discuss the story idea and content that your tween writer developed in our Writing Weekend! 

    Some Tips + Tricks I will provide on our private call may include:

    • Selecting the right character's name
    • Road-mapping their story plan
    • Fixes for plot holes or disconnected scenes
    • Realistic Dialogue tweaks
    • Tailored support to your young writer's needs!

    Register before Midnight on Aug 24th for Early-Bird Bonus 1x1 call


    Could your tween be the next JK Rowling?