Do you manage a team, but feel like everyone else knows a special secret to managing people that you’ve somehow missed?

 There’s no “secret”, but there is a key: building incredible work relationships with your team, your peers and your boss. It’s the difference between being an okay manager and a brilliant one.

I created the 5-day Work Relationships Fast Track as a FREE week of support to help you build these amazing relationships in the workplace, so you and your team have the best chance of delivering AND feeling motivated and inspired about your work.

Join me, Jennifer McCanna, Leadership Coach, from Monday 1st - Friday 5th November for my 5 Day Work Relationships Fast Track  - a week of daily bite size insights & tools you can fit in when it suits you, around your busy schedule.

If you would like to:

  • Learn some straightforward ways of building trust with colleagues and team members quickly, even when you can’t meet face to face, including the most powerful way to say ‘well done’ to your team
  • Start thinking about your natural style as a manager and when and how you might adapt your approach, in order to get your message across
  • Gain some top tips for influencing in your particular organisation (with all its quirks – all organisations are quirky!)
  • Get support on doing all of this whilst managing a team remotely, through hybrid working, or a full return to the office (because what we all have energy for is more uncertainty and change – said no one ever!)

Then the 5 Day Work Relationships Fast Track is for you!

During this week I will share tools and techniques from my ten years of leadership development experience which ambitious managers like you can put into practice straightaway, to help you build amazing work relationships with your team, your peers and your boss.

And all of this will take just 15 minutes per day - watch the video and complete a small reflection/task when it suits you!

You’ll leave with new skills and approaches for your management tool box.

And if you engage with the challenge and do the tasks, your work relationships will be on track for a big leap forward* - it is a fast track after all!

*plus there are prizes available in the guise of 1-1 coaching and professional development memberships available to some of the lucky folk who post a reflection every day.

How it works:

1. Sign up to the Fast Track by hitting the button above ☝️

2. You'll receive an email from me welcoming you and a few days before providing you with the link to the Facebook Group where the Fast Track will be held.

3. You’ll receive an email first thing each morning (1st - 5th November) with a 5 minute video message from me explaining the day’s theme and task. Some of these you can think about whilst you brew a pot of coffee, some might involve a short conversation with a colleague.

4. You’re then encouraged to post your reflections on the task in the Fast Track private Facebook group where I will be on hand to offer support, answer questions and share even more insight and resources so you can put this learning into practice straightaway. I'll go Live every day at 12 noon but don't worry if you're not free then - you'll be able to watch the replay!

It is designed to fit around your busy schedule. You just need 15 minutes a day, but for those of you who really want to get stuck in there will be bonus tasks to complete. And we’ll have a bonus celebration Zoom on Friday 5th November at 12 noon so you can share successes, and maybe *drum roll* win a prize!

Here's some feedback from previous Fast Tracks...

  Who am I?

I’m Jen, and I’m a leadership coach who has been coaching managers like you for over 10 years. Along the way I’ve learnt some great ways of building trusting effective relationships at work, both through working with leaders across the world (in organisations like the UN, the UK’s department for education, and leading charities such as British Red Cross and Diabetes UK) and from my own experience as the leader of teams in various contexts.

I’ve run my Free 5 day Work Relationships Fast Track twice already in 2021 and have been amazed at the impact it has had on the wellbeing and confidence of those who take part. There is something very powerful about coming together with like-minded managers, all doing different roles but facing similar challenges, to connect, share experiences and get support from each other and a professional leadership coach. 

Self-doubt has been running riot during the last 18 months, which remote working has a lot to do with. We get validation for our contribution in so many subtle ways when we actually see our colleagues – body language, a smile in the lift, a bit of a laugh at the start of a meeting, that are often lost via Teams and Zoom!

So what to do? Getting some really practical, easy tools to help us manage our teams, through the journey to hybrid working, is such a confidence boost.

And no, there isn’t a magical way of managing that you’ve not be told about. There are however, lots of tools and approaches that can help you flex your approach so you get the most out all your work relationships. And that’s what the fast track is all about.

I can’t wait to work with you this November! And the fast track is designed for you to consume the content in your way – want to ask questions in the Facebook group, show up live for every lunchtime live – please do! Or if you prefer to read the emails, reflect and get on with the task in your own time, and just lurk – that’s fine too – we all learn in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Fast Track free?

Because so many managers end up leading teams without having had any management development – often their organisation doesn’t have the resources to provide that level of support. When I was a fundraising manager I managed a big team, and I know that this lack of investment in skills and support can leave you feeling demoralised, de-skilled or stuck. I’m passionate about demystifying what it means to be a great manager, and it’s my mission to provide practical support to managers like you so you can build your management skills and start enjoying your work again.

Full disclaimer: There will be an opportunity to join my 12 week group programme – From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader - at the end of the Fast Track, but there is absolutely no obligation to join and no hard sell. The Fast Track is designed as a standalone week of high quality management development, as well as acting as a taster of what a group programme with me will be like, and I am incredibly excited to be running both events.

Do I need to be on Facebook to take part?

Tasks will arrive by email as well as being posted in the group so it is possible to gain the learning and do the tasks without being on Facebook. You will just miss out on the learning that happens in the group when other managers share their experiences and insight, and my daily lives which happen in the group, but you’ll be able to join the end of week celebration Zoom on Friday.

I can’t wait until 1st November, I want some support now!

If you’ve not already downloaded my Coffee Break Coaching workbook, the link to do that is on the homepage of my website. You can also follow me on Instagram @jen_the_leadership_coach where I post tools, reflections and generally host a supportive space for managers and leaders. Or you can connect with me on LinkedIn where I’m easy enough to find – there aren’t so many Jennifer McCannas in the world!