You want to have a baby. 

And you'd like it to happen as soon as possible. 

Or, it's already been taking a while and you want to speed things up. 

Or, you know you need need to go through IVF and want to optimise your chances. 

And you'd like to give your future child the best start. 


If so, there are some fundamentals you need to know. 

- What to do to support egg and sperm quality 

- How to prepare your body to be pregnant

- How to optimise your chances each month (without spending a fortune)

- What tests to have and when

- Answers to the questions you are too embarrassed to ask 

- How to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of TTC 


I'm sick of seeing people spend thousands on fertility treatments, undergoing tests and invasive procedures without any attempt to address underlying issues or take simple steps that could improve their chances without needing fertility treatment, or improve their chances of a successful outcome if they do. 

Time and time again over the last decade women have come to see me having already spent THOUSANDS. Or, worse, wasted months or YEARS trying. And NOBODY has asked them about diet and lifestyle, or done certain basic medical checks. Or checked that they are even having sex at the right time!

This easy to watch, easy to understand short course (under 2 hours) is what every person wanting to conceive needs to know. No fluff, no fancy complicated expensive info, but the fundamentals. This should be the baseline of every person's journey to baby. Heck, even if you aren't having trouble conceiving, this info should be your baseline, as all the evidence now shows that parental health at conception has lasting effects on the health of the future child!

For some, making the changed advised in this course will be enough to make the difference. For others, it will optimise their chances when they do go ahead with fertility treatment. 

For all, it will empower you to know exactly what YOU can do. And what questions to ask the health professionals you will encounter along the way. 

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What does it include:

The course is split into five easy to understand modules.

Module 1: Why this matters - how diet and lifestyle change impacts egg/sperm and long term health of future children

Module 2: Preparing to conceive (naturally or assisted) - the crucial knowledge around diet, hormones and lifestyle for MEN as well as WOMEN!

Module 3: Stress and emotions on the path to baby - we need to talk about this taboo, TTC can be TOUGH - and give you strategies to cope and keep the spark alive!

Module 4: Ovulation and when to have sex (without spending a fortune) - understanding the when and why and it shouldn't be expensive!

Module 5: When to ask for help and what it all means - knowing when to seek help and what help to ask for and understanding what the tests are all about. 

There are some downloadable worksheets to fill in along the way to make things easier. 

LIVE ACCESS TO ME an integrative Women's Health Coach and Acupuncturist with over a decade of experience working with women and couples to support them on their journey to baby. Once every 8 weeks I will host a live Q&A session in a private zoom call to which you as a course delegate will have access. Here I will answer any questions you may have arising from the course. All you need to do is submit them in advance. 

THE COST: £49! Yes, it really is that low-priced. I've been told this course should be in the £200-£300 bracket. However, I have a firm commitment to educating and empowering as many women as possible about their health. Hence why I wrote my book on self-care for busy women. And why this course being priced as it is. Not everyone can afford IVF. Not everyone can afford weekly acupuncture or one to one health coaching. But everyone deserves the best information. I want to level the playing field. Setting yourself up for good health and future good health for your baby-to-be does not have to cost a small fortune. If you know the fundamentals, it could make all the difference. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have purchased an Online Course and you have already accessed, downloaded all or part of the Online Course and/or started to use that Online Course then you shall have no right to cancel or request a refund. 

The purchaser is advised that the content of the course does not constitute medical advice and should consult with their doctor prior to making any changes to their health, diet or exercise.

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Marianne Killick is an author, acupuncturist and women's health coach specialist in hormone balance. She transforms women from feeling confused, powerless and unhealthy to informed, empowered and with a zest for life. Working with women for over a decade, Marianne's expertise lies in helping women understand how their bodies and hormones work, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make realistic and achievable changes. Marianne works 1:1, via online courses and group coaching. If you are struggling with the hormonally based problems, perimenopause or want to prepare to thrive not just survive in mid-life then Marianne is your woman. 

Marianne's ground breaking book, Put Yourself First: A busy women's guide to thriving NOT surviving, simplifies years of self-development, scientific research and learning to present what women need to know to feel brilliant and HOW to go about it!

With acclaimed online courses and corporate training sessions Marianne's mission is for as many women as possible to understand how their hormones affect their lives and how their lives affect their hormones. 

You can connect with Marianne on Facebook, Instagram or via her Website

Important Information: No reproduction, copy or transmission of the content of the course may be made without written permission. No paragraph from the content may be reproduced, copied or transmitted save with the written permission or in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1956.