Do you:

  •  Want to find time to do the things you enjoy re-connect to who you truly are outside of just being a mum, partner or daughter, without the mum guilt or wondering what others think?
  • Want to build confidence and self belief in yourself through understanding your unique strengths, values and motivators in life so you can set goals in alignment with YOU?
  • Want support from an experienced qualified coach and other like minded mums to help you put changes in place and sustain them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I hear you and I am here to support you. 

I'm a certified Personal Development Coach and Personality Profiler specialising in supporting every mum who wants to explore all that life has to offer. 

In a nutshell, at the heart of what I do is enabling you to understand who you are deep down, help you to master your energy and put YOUR wellbeing at the top of the list. 

This is so you have the headspace and clarity to focus on what you want from YOUR life and have the CONFIDENCE and SELF BELIEF to take the necessary steps to get there!

I've conducted extensive market research with mums to discover what they really need to feel like themselves again, without the guilt, the judgement of others and feeling they have to do it all...   

....and I'm super excited after the success of my first programme to re-open my doors for: 'Find Your Focus' . This is a live, intimate Group Programme for just 4 women starting the week of the 16th January 2023

Who's it for?

  • 'Find your focus' is for any mum who wants to build confidence and self belief in their unique capabilities and skill set to take their next career steps.

  • It's for mums who are ready to make changes in their life as a whole and find solutions to their current lifestyle, so they can lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

  • It's for mums who have a growth mindset and are prepared to put themselves first with my help and support.

Who is the programme not for?

  • The programme isn't for mums who don’t want to invest the time in themselves.

  • I will guide you, support you and provide unique tools and exercises to help you re-connect to who you are and set inspiring goals. However YOU need to look deep within yourself to come up with the answers to your current life challenges. It's about finding YOUR focus! that is where the power lies for lasting change!

"Find your focus is one of the most supportive programs in helping you  focus your energy and connect to who you truly are. Building confidence and self belief in your unique strengths and skill set.

I’ll walk by your side over 7 weeks, helping you put in place your very own wellbeing and personal development plan for the next 6-12 months. I'll help you to stay accountable to your goals, so you make strides towards what you really want in both your personal and work life." Katy Smith

What is in the programme:

Each week every Wednesday at 8pm on our live 45 minute call we will cover:

Week 1: Life check in, where are you now and where would you love to be in 6 months - 1 year.

Week 2: What is draining your energy and how to work with your energy

Week 3: Time priorities and identifying what needs to be tweaked

Week 4: Habits and boundaries to protect your own wellbeing

Week 5: your strengths analysis: how they can improve your happiness, boost relationships and contribute to greater success at work.

Week 6: Techniques for positive mindset and mindfulness techniques to restore calm in the chaos.

Week 7: Celebration of how far you've come and what your focus will be for the next 3 weeks before our check in call.

Workbook packed with tools and exercises to work on throughout the 7 weeks and beyond!

Each week there will be an exercise to work through in your own time, that compliments the following live session. 

You'll work at your own pace on your unique Wellbeing and Personal Development plan throughout the 7 weeks and beyond, with support through a private whatsapp group to keep you on track, helping you take the necessary steps with CONFIDENCE to live the life YOU want!

I recommend spending between 45 - 120 minutes each week on your self development. This includes working through the weekly exercises and follow up work from the calls.

So what does this look like in reality:

  • Live group calls each week ( 45 mins every Wednesday at 8pm) for 7 weeks, covering a different topic in relation to the workbook and Q & A. Sessions will be recorded if you can’t make one

  • Workbook to work through for the 7 weeks, to include your unique Wellbeing and Personal Development plan

  • Email round ups after each session

  • Private whatsapp group for check ins with other group members and myself each week. A safe space to share and receive support

  • 1:1 45 minute call after the 7 weeks to help you clarify and focus on your next steps

  • Check in 3 weeks after the end of course for 30 minutes 1:1

By the end of the 7 weeks you will have:

  • A clear direction and focus of where you're heading in the next 6-12 months, within work and and in your personal life and an action plan to get you there!

  • Guilt free time every day just for you to focus on your wellbeing and personal development.

  • Set inspiring, aligned life goals through a deep understanding of your values, strengths and passions.

    • The skills and tools to help you stay on track.

    • Mindfulness techniques to restore the calm in any chaos!

    • Energy and confidence in your family and work relationships and feel empowered to have conversations that will promote your wellbeing and personal development.

    • Increased resilience to cope with new situations and challenges in life.

    • You will ultimately re-connect with who you are, living your happy life doing the things you enjoy!

      Your Investment:

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      If you're ready to really commit to your self development, then don't delay, lock in the early bird price today!

      Payment in 2 installments is possible. Contact me for information!


      "I felt better connected to myself and much more aware of my mindset and the importance of positive thinking. I also feel much less overwhelmed by feeling like I have to solve everything at once, through the power of taking small steps and committing to small actions, the path can become much more clear". Sarah

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