Astrology for entrepreneurs: Discover your genius zone and your core wound and healing powers

Do you want to know your own genius zone, what are your natural talents, unique style of wit, process of critical thinking, planing and strategizing? In which area of your life can you use it best?

As entrepreneurs we need to know our weak spots too, so you can identify the area of life you need to improve and master. The core wound is also an opportunity, once we master it we can heal others.

In the 10 min recorded video I explain in 3 simple steps how to find those two points, and give you free resources where to discover the meaning of those points and how can you best apply it in your own life and business.

After the video you will be able to find both genius zone point and your core wound in your chart, and read explanation what it means on your personal journey, to empower you to accelerate your personal development and take your business to the next level.

Watch the short video to find those points in your chart