Get to know and love yourself as the woman that you are, through exploring the 4 elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air - while using dance, meditation, sounding, free movement and more! 

This Home Retreat is for you if you wish to: 

  • Learn how to understand, accept and love yourself the way you are

  • Set yourself free from stress and self doubt

  • Gain confidence in being who you are

  • Let go of unnecessary blocks and tensions, that hold you from achieving your deepest desires

  • Get lighter physically and emotionally

  • Slow down and enjoy your journey

  • Explore and experience the power of physical body practices

Find Your Element home retreat is designed for women to deepen their self-knowledge, to understand and accept themselves the way they are. 

The 4 elements represent your fundamental character traits, temperament and set your relationship with your femininity. All four elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, come into play to a certain degree in your personality and are necessary to live a balanced and fulfilled life.
Acknowledging and understanding those elements in you is the key to love yourself and overcome self-doubt.
However, we all have a dominant element and we try, incorrectly, to compensate for the lacking ones. By understanding the elements you are made of, what they mean and how they interact with each other, you can understand, accept and love yourself as well as others.

Throughout this retreat, we will be using various techniques like -  free movement, dance, sounding, mindful breathing, energy work and more -  to feel those elements in us and revitalise them. 

This monthly online retreat consists of:

2 live seminars, around the symbolism and meaning of the 4 elements,
4 live practices of movement and meditation themed on each element,
closed Facebook group for support and sharing,
lifetime access to our session recordings,
and a bonus - music playlist for your home practice. 

The Programme
Saturday 13 March - Wednesday 31 March 2021

All sessions will be hosted live on Zoom, an hour per session, twice a week.

Please note that all the times are indicated in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

🌸  Saturday 13th March

11:00– 12:00 (GMT)

Opening session

Welcome seminar including an introduction to the 4 elements, their symbolism and meaning.

Wednesday 17th March

18:30 - 19:30 (GMT)

Earth : Finding sense of calm and stability in life
Grounding and balancing practice with meditation, pranayama, energy flow in your body, dance and sounding

A calming flow leading into grounding and nourishing dance practice based on the Earth element, designed to free yourself from restrictive and rigid movements, to get balanced and centered, and gain clarity and stability in life.

💧 Saturday 20th March

11:00 – 12:00 (GMT)

Water : Getting in touch with of your femininity
Working with inner feminine muscles, breathing, dance and the power of touch.

This flowing dance practice based on the Water element aims at shaking off any heaviness from the mind and body and releasing blocked feminine energy and sensuality.

🔥 Wednesday 24th March     

18:30 – 19:30 (GMT)

Fire : Burning through old patterns, activating your desires
Cleansing and activating with Kaphalabhati breathing, energy work, ecstatic dance.

A fiery practice that will make you burn through old patterns and activate your inner desires, reinvigorating your natural determination and focus.

🌬Saturday 27th March     

11:00 – 12:00 (GMT)

Air : Unleashing your true essence by cultivating your freedom within
Cultivating inner freedom with intuitive dance, improvisational sounding, meditation.

The ultimate dancing practice, like air, we will invite you to be moveable and free. Unleash your true essence and open your imagination and creativity. Dance like nobody's watching!

🌸  Wednesday 31st March

18:30 – 19:30 (GMT)


Last breathing and meditative session + Live Q&A with your host Neringa.

Feeling it might be hard to commit?

Not sure if you will have enough time? 

Don't worry!

All the sessions will be recorded and available to you at any convenient time. So even if you'll need to miss a session or two - the space will be there for you and together we will create magic! ✨

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Find Your Element Home Retreat

For 4 hours of live practices and 2 seminars, plus lifetime access to our session recordings, private Facebook group and music playlist for your for home practice.

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