Join me for a LIVE Online Experience



You will learn:

Self mastery in daily steps for success

How to stop procrastinating

How to break out of cycles

Understanding when it’s time to create or not create

The fulfillment piece of connecting to your worth and value

Tuning into your inner wisdom

What to do when your “glitch” comes

How I got over my habit of quitting every time I tried to set a new habit

Creating moments of stillness and peace even as a mom or busy business owner


I’ll be sharing the CRITICAL pieces to how I created my success:

  • Presenting at Wanderlust Festival
  • Becoming Miss Toronto
  • Writing my book - The Soul Flow and interviewing 25 women across Canada
  • Successfully funded  Kickstarter campaign raising over $10,000
  • Cross Canada road trip living in a van for 30 days
  • Speaking engagement with lululemon across Canada
  • Released a Country Music album with Jeff Healey
  • Brought SUP Yoga to Muskoka, ON Canada
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