Hi, I’m Darcy Delany, mindset coach and author.

I help people find their voice in life and business. I’m a bit like a straight-talking fairy godmother, taking your dearest wishes and helping you make them a reality.

The secret to my magic is simple.

I help you find you true self an bring it to life.

I listen deeply to what you say and don’t say. Your deepest, truest goals sometimes hide in the shadows, but I’ll draw them out.

I work with you to identify the blocks holding you back – the real ones, the ones you might not want to admit, not even to yourself!

Then I help you craft a tailored plan that will see you succeed.

I’m an expert at helping people deal with significant life challenges and get through them so they’re better and stronger than they were before. I’m a pro at helping people push beyond their comfort zones, so they can live the reality they secretly dreamed of, but were to scared to try for.

I work with high-vibe, ‘can-do’ people who know they want change, but need a little help.

Because let’s face it, we can all use a little help from a fairy godmother sometimes😊

Darcy xo