Join the FREE Firestarter Challenge: A 5-Day Journey
{for Fabulous 50+ Women}
to Spark Greater Energy, Passion, Freedom & Fun

Thur. Sept 9 - Mon. Sept 13

This Life-Changing Event is PERFECT for you if you are:

* Looking to ignite a little mid-life mojo!
* Struggling with negative self-talk, unworthiness, anxiety, depression and/or just feeling a little lost on what's missing
* Tired from taking care of everyone else... and ready to focus on YOU & your truest desires
* Over all the busy-ness & self-judgment that keeps you from having the sense of ease, flow and true connection you yearn for
* Feeling stagnant and missing that sense of adventure, travel and creativity you once had
* Struggling with feeling alone, unseen, unappreciated and downright unworthy
* Called to something "more" but unsure of what that might mean or how to even take the first steps

Then the FREE 5-Day Firestarter Challenge is for YOU!

Sept 9 - 13
30 minutes  each day -- Thurs. -- Mon.   |  11 am ET /  9 am MT... that's 5 pm CEST

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The  Firestarter Challenge:
5 Powerful Days of Transformation

Day 1

Reignite Your Passion

You've been taking care of everyone up until now... but you. Well, girl, it's your time!  What does your big, bold, beautiful life look like, feel like... and how does it bring you alive?  You'll learn the one vital shift from simply visualizing it to energetically aligning with it, calling it forth to you. 

Day 2

Tap into Endless Energy

Energy is everything and if you have none, then it's time to release the blocks to this endless flow.  Imagine how much space would be created if you released the  past stuck emotions, limiting self-perceptions, judgment and societal programs that literally have been draining your energy.  Learn to release them for good and fill your lovin' cup so you can move forward into your next soulful chapter feeling fully alive and eager for what's next.

Day 3

Fire up Your Level of Joy & Adventure

Give yourself permission to reconnect with your truest desires.  Rediscover those lost pleasures that bring your heart alive with joy and a sense of play & adventure.  I'll share why following your bliss is the fastest path to the high vibe life you truly desire.

Day 4

Feel Beautiful & Free Again in Your Body

As women we cast so much judgment at our bodies. Understand your body as the source of intuition and creativity that it truly is and begin to create a new relationship of love and respect for it.

Day 5

The Woman's Way to Accelerated Manifestation

You have access to a divine feminine energy within you that, when you align with it, will help you to manifest all you desire quickly and easily! Your next soulful chapter is calling and I want to share my roadmap to give you the clarity and confidence you need to step into it faster than you thought possible.


What if stepping into your dream life filled with ease, joy, creativity and freedom could happen even faster than you have even imagined possible?  Hear from the women who have lived it!

The Firestarter Challenge | Thurs. Sept 9 - Mon. Sept 13

Just 30 minutes each day | 11 am ET / 9 am MT... that's 5 pm CEST

These super fun and oh-so-easy daily challenges can be your first steps to
truly having the life you've always dreamed of.  Join us -- it's your time!