Creating engaging and consistent content for small business owners and non-profit managers who don't have time or aren't sure how to effectively manage their online marketing.


I'm a mom to our spunky Little E, wife to my hard-working Farmer and I work full-time in community development.

I love rural, Central Nebraska living and the close-knit community that comes with it. I don't go anywhere without having a journal handy to capture ideas that roll through my mind and I almost always have snacks nearby. I could spend hours in an office supply store and I'm a self-proclaimed marketing nerd. 

My passion is helping passionate people, small businesses and organizations share their story - hence Fireworks Marketing.


There is a spark inside each of us. A vibrant, colorful light that is meant to be shared. When we own our talents and passions and share them with the world, AMAZING things happen. That's the #fireworkphilosophy. 

Your passion for your business or organization is part of how you share your sparks with the world. 

I share mine by helping small business owners and non-profit organizations share their story by using online marketing.

I know what you may be thinking...

Online marketing is something I can figure out how to do on my own.

But I have two questions for you...

    Does your online marketing share your story, engage followers & convert?

    Or are you grasping at straws to come up with creative, engaging content to share with followers?

    Do you have the time to design dynamic online marketing strategies?

    Or should you be focusing your time working ON your business rather than IN your business? 

    But wait...what exactly is online marketing?

    Online marketing is a way to connect with your ideal customers and audience with websites, social media and email.


      Let’s face it. Everyone is on social media in this day and age. Your business also needs to have a professional and consistent presence so you can be "social" with your audience.


      Variety of content and illustrations about the same product or aspect of your business will help your message resonate with different segments in your audience.


      Free, downloadable resource guides, "cheat sheets" or lists related to your business that offer value for current and potential customers. Lead magnets also help build your email list.


      Email allows you to consistently show up in your customers’ inbox with info about your offerings, keeping your business top of mind when it comes time for them to make a purchase.

      What I can help you with.


      Designing & scheduling Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest posts to create a consistent & professional social media presence for your business or organization.


      Writing & designing content to help share your story on your website, social media sites and/or emails. My creative perspective can help create dynamic content you or someone close to your business may not consider.


      Designing & distributing free content (downloadable PDF lists, resource guides, etc.) that offers valuable information and/or inspiration for your audience to help build your email list and build customer loyalty.


      Writing & scheduling emails to your audience that helps keep your business top of mind and to direct subscribers to your brick-and-mortar store, online store or social media platforms.

      1:1 TRAININGS

      You want to learn more about Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest so you can rock your social media presence yourself. I'll walk you through things you want to know with a 1:1 training.

      What I'm not able to help you with.


      I can refer you to great web designers or suggest sites where you can design & build a site yourself if a new or redesigned website is your next step in building your online presence.


      As a full-time working mom, I simply don't have the capacity to coordinate a project from start to finish but can offer insights along the way & help share your project outcomes using online marketing.


      Potential & current customers want to interact with you, not your online marketing manager. Inquiries generated from your online marketing will be directed to you unless otherwise agreed upon.

      The consistency, creativity and engagement I can help you create with online marketing will make a positive impact on your
      business or organization. 

      Take it from this
      business owner...

      Melanie B.

      Owner, Jubilee Events & Catering

      "Previous to Kristina's intervention, the impact of Facebook was completely underestimated. Kristina has a brilliant way of capturing and sharing activity so that people want to come through the doors! She is talented with graphics and the timing of posts. She has stretched my comfort zone by posting things I never would have, but when I see it, I love it! Her fresh eyes and perspectives help me believe in what I am doing all the more. I am blessed and grateful for her input and influence."

      Facebook | Jubilee Events & Catering