Hope's Promise

First aid for mind, body & soul

"Sometimes, the difference between heartache and hope is comfort..."

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Grief Happens

We cant always control what happens in our life, or how our life unfolds. Loss and grief breaks our hearts in two. Even though we grieve, feel lost,  and alone, there is hope.

Comfort when we are grieving

Support & Comfort

Little things can make such a big difference. A shoulder to lean on, a warm cup of cocoa, a snuggly blanket to cocoon in with a good book to read.

Our healing Journey

Finding Hope

Healing can take place in tiny baby steps or giant leaps of faith: our smile returns, and hope finds a home in our hearts once more.

Hope's Promise

Let us help you

Hope's Promise is First Aid for your body, mind and soul. Our curated rescue remedies offer you the very best in creature comforts, as well as show you how to create peace of mind with our online workshops, e-books and meditations. We help bring hope back into your heart. 

Hope's Promise

First aid for body, mind & soul

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Hope Lives Here.

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