Grab this easy to follow program with daily beginner workouts for a whole month!

  • Strength Training
  • Core Work
  • Stretching
  • Low Impact Warm Up

All laid out in a 4 week plan. 

Get fit in just over 15 minutes a day!

GET MOVING, FEEL BETTER with exercise videos designed for us 50+ year olds! 

Workout in the comfort of your home on your own time!

All you need to get back into exercise again!

  • Each day, get on your workout gear, open the 4 week plan, click on daily link and you are set.
  • 15 minute workouts (plus a short warm up) to work all of the beautiful muscles!
  • Get tips on the best ways to exercise over 50.
  • Learn all about having a balanced workout plan.

All done from the comfort of your home.

Hi, I'm Amy Van Liew

After retiring from a 26 year career as an Engineering Program Manager, I carved out a space in my life to pursue a greater passion for helping others with their overall well being. At age 50 I knew that it takes time and effort to be healthy without aggravating the aches and pains that naturally come with age, so I pursued extended education to focus specifically on my demographic. After a few years, I expanded my background in Personal Training, Group Fitness and Integrative Nutrition certifications with courses in Myofascial Release using the MELT Method, Corrective Exercise with The Biomechanics Method, and courses in Senior and Midlife Fitness.

The most important thing that has come to me through continued education and personal experience is that the best approach to health is simply to Be Healthy Enough. Healthy enough to do the things you love to do, to feel good, to feel satisfied, and to also be able to truly enjoy life.

Let's get this party started!