Fix Your Pin Design Mistakes

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Pinterest is pretty important for my blogs and my businesses. 


Pinterest is the number one source for bringing traffic to my blog posts, my products, and my social media.

Why do you care?

You care because you're trying to get the attention of your target audience using Pinterest too. The only difference is that your pins aren't make you noticeable yet.

There's a certain madness when it comes to figuring out the exact formula for making a big splash on Pinterest. Like literally, someone needs to create a PhD program for it.

While there are several factors that go into making a pin reach your target audience, it begins with the creation and design of your pins.

Are you struggling to create and design pins that will make your blog or business stand out?

Let me teach you how to avoid the same mistakes that tripped me up when I started creating pins.

What you’ll learn in this course...

Here is the course content that will be delivered to your inbox:

Day 1: Welcome to the Course
Day 2: Choosing a Program to Design Pins
Day 3: How to Size Your Pins
Day 4: Finding Free and Paid Stock Images
Day 5: Is This the End?

About Me

Hey! I'm Jasmine. I am a full-time 2nd grade teacher during the day and a mom and entrepreneur at night. While my two degrees are NOT in graphic design, I have been dabbled in design for quite a long time. When I'm not working on my side biz, I'm chasing my two beautiful children around! You can find me at Tame the Classroom, Tame the House, Keen Apple Productions, and Teachers Pay Teachers