A 6-week group program to harness the power of your menstrual cycle -- so you break free from the hustle, make peace with your body, and finally live in flow.

I'm going to let you in on a secret.

Your cycle can unlock your full range of expression and creative genius. It's an invitation to step into your power and be fully YOU.

Introducing Flow Create ๐ŸŒ™

A 6-week program for women who are ready to live and work with less force and more flow, by harnessing the power of cycles.

Love, you are biologically designed to be in flow.

Our culture has adopted the false belief that productivity only exists in hustle mode.

That's why so many people are on the path to burnout. Maybe you've experienced it yourself.

But in Flow Create, we commit to the truth that every phase of the cycle is important...

Dreaming. Planning. Creating. Releasing.

...because all the phases depend on each other.

When you don't honour one phase, the next phase is weaker as a result.

And eventually, the whole cycle breaks down.

Let's explore the difference between *hustle mode* and *flow mode.*

Hustle Mode

โŒ Makes you feel like you're never doing enough

โŒ Disregards your body's needs

โŒ Strips enjoyment from the creative process

โŒ Inevitably leads to burnout

Flow Mode

โœ… Allows you to make more impact and income with less effort

โœ… Harnesses your body's natural energy patterns

โœ… Opens you up to creative abundance

โœ… Prioritizes rest and play (because they're essential, not extra!)

Here's what I've seen from working with dozens of women.

The lack of education on the menstrual cycle is one of the core reasons why we feel exhausted, uninspired, disconnected from our bodies, and at war with ourselves.

So many former Flow Create students have been amazed at how much there was to learn about the way hormones and cyclical energy impact their brains, bodies, and businesses.

They've also told me that because of  Flow Create, it feels like everything finally makes sense.

That is the goal here.

This 6-week program was born out of my own 6-year journey of healing my cycle and claiming my flow.

Several years ago, I overworked, under-ate, and overexercised my way into losing my period for a full year.

I had to be put on progesterone (hormone) therapy temporarily to get it back.

The scary truth is that I didn't have a hormonal health condition like PCOS or endometriosis.

My illness was the direct result of following the narrative that to be a worthy, productive human, I had to hustle hard every day and "self-control" my way to freedom.

So many women are on the destructive path that I was on -- and society is praising them for it. 

Learning to accept and embody my cyclical nature went against all the cultural messages I had been taught.

My cycle was the key to my healing process.

I now use my cycle to run my business, plan my life, take care of myself, and create a state of flow no matter what I'm doing.

Since healing my body and becoming tapped into this new way of life, I started guiding other women to transform their lives with cycles. And the results have been life-changing.

Picture this...

Let's go even further...

We will co-create this new reality together.

You. Me. 

And the amazing humans on this journey with us.

The Flow Create Curriculum

Class 1 ~ January 31

Discover the science behind your cycle and how hormones affect your body, brain, and energy, and creativity. 

Learn how to read and track the signs of your cycle phases, so you can plan your life in flow with your body.

๐Ÿ—“ Plus, you'll receive a Cyclical Tracking System, to observe and plan with your own energetic patterns.

Class 2 ~ February 7

Nourish yourself to support your cyclical energy and reduce common hormonal symptoms. 

Experiment with cyclical self-care tools that will help you feel your best at every phase.

๐Ÿฒ Plus, you'll receive a Hormone-Healthy Meal Plan and Recipe Guide to optimize your hormonal balance.

Guest Expert: Mia Giommi, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Class 3 ~ February 14

Align your movement with your cycle for optimal energy.

Uncover the connection between physical performance, creativity, and impact.

Move through a 4-phase practice to embody the energy of each phase.

Guest Expert:  Charlotte Mercille, Yoga Teacher

Class 4 ~ February 21

Master the 4 phases of the creative cycle to align your work projects with your body.

Set loving boundaries around your time and tasks to sustain your creative energy.

Learn how to experience flow state in anything you do.

๐Ÿ““ Plus, you'll receive a Cyclical Project Planner for flowing project creation!

Class 5 ~ February 28

Work with your cycle to expand your influence -- in life, love, and business launches -- without over-extending your energy.

Expand your range of expression to liberate yourself from labels and boxes. (More power comes from being more YOU!)

๐Ÿš€ Plus, you'll receive an Expansive Content + Launch Guide for easy promotions and burnout-free launches!

Class 6 ~ March 7

Harness the 4 principles of body-based magnetism to attract what you want without pushing to make it happen.

Design a new, sustainable dynamic between your body, life, and work, with freedom as your compass.

๐Ÿงฒ Plus, you'll receive a Magnetic Attraction Playsheet to call in your desires with more ease, using the power of cycles!

Flow Create is not just a course about learning information.

It's an immersion into a process of transformation. You will deepen into your most nourished, creative, and expressed self every single class. Plus, you'll be supported every day in our sacred group chat!

Every 2-hour Zoom class includes...

A guided visualization to help you drop into the experience and get into neurological flow state

A value-packed interactive lesson on the weekโ€™s theme (prepare for so many aha moments and breakthroughs!)

A worksheet or tool for you to integrate what youโ€™ve learned into your daily life and work

A closing ritual to seal in and embody your learnings

An introduction to additional resources that you can explore further on your own time

Time and space to ask questions, celebrate your wins, and be witnessed in your journey

Flow Create Bonuses ๐Ÿคฉ

โœจWhen you join Flow Create this round, you'll receive instant access to these 3 bonus classes โœจ

PMS to Power Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will learn:

๐Ÿค What the premenstrual phase of your cycle reveals about your health and self

๐Ÿ“– Why the cultural narrative about PMS isn't the whole story and how it holds us back

โœฎ How to harness premenstrual energy into personal power to serve your life and business

Reclaim Her: Intro to Feminine Embodiment Workshop

Experience yourself as a fully-embodied woman through movement, energetic practices, and learning to connect with your cycle.

This workshop will guide you away from feeling in force and control-mode, so you can relax into receiving what you desire.

Be prepared to expand your capacity to feel and express yourself, release what's blocking you, and reclaim all parts of yourself as powerful and whole

The Non-Exhausting Content Creation Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will learn:

    • How to harness your hormones to make content creation pleasurable and flowy
    • What to create when (and when not to create), so you get off the content creation hamster wheel
    • The 4 phases of creation and why they're the key to a sustainable creative process

    What Flow Create Students Say ๐Ÿช„

    Work-Life Freedom

    "I wanted + needed to have more of a work-life balance. My approach to planning work and life was very linear as if I had the same energy every week. Using a cyclical framework was eye-opening for me. It gave me freedom! 

    It's a program that can be applied to anything in life, not just work. Everybody can adapt it to their own lifestyle and work situation. I wish this program was taught in high school.

    A part of me thought it was impossible to improve my work-life balance, but this gave not only hope but the tools to start making healthy changes."

    -- Pili

    Clarity & Clients

    "I loved the course Sarah! I really tapped into the moon energy and my cycle energy and I had incredible results, like really unpacking things that were bothering me and changing them, just peeling back the layers during the luteal phase and making the necessary shifts. It just makes so much sense! 

    I got super clear on my offering, my photography style and what I want to offer my clients. I also got my first photography subscription client who loved my offer! She's booked four photoshoots in the next 12 months, AND I booked her first shoot during her (and my) ovulation week lol! 

    Thank you so much, it's really had a positive impact."

    -- Laura

    Easeful Launches

    "I learned so much about cycle awareness. From amazing health and nutrition tips to a complete guide on how to structure your work flow and business. It covers such a wide variety of topics that there is always something to take away. 

    My biggest result is the launch of my first high ticket program! Sarah's outline for launching based on the cycles already is lining up perfectly with my launch schedule! The guide has been super helpful in helping me stay on track and know that everything is running smoothly!"

    -- Scarlett

    Life Falling Into Place

    "I wanted to learn more about my cycle and how to work WITH it instead of against it. And I can say I truly learned that. It's been truly mind blowing how IN FLOW im already learning to live. 

    I absolutely loved how all the information we got from Sarah just clicked. You'll learn about your cycle (of course.. duh..) but! you'll also learn how to implement certain foods, selfcare and movement in your life. Everything just CLICKED! It all came together and I can't wait to replay everything and let it sink in even further.

    Literally everything is falling into place and I couldn't be happier. So thank you, thank you, thank you and I'm recommending Flow Create to everyone I know that is trying to learn more about their flow."

    -- Stephanie

    Harnessing Energy Patterns for Life & Work

    "Flow Create 100% exceeded my expectations. I went in wanting to learn how I can incorporate my cycle into my work flow. I left learning how I can incorporate my cycle in my everyday life from movement, to diet. I really enjoyed every moment of it.

    I enrolled in Flow create because I felt overwhelmed with my workflow. I can now feel when I'm in my menstrual phase versus my follicular phase and this helps with the type of activity I do for the day."

    -- Joanna

    Fire & Desire to Expand in Business

    "I was craving inspiration, systems and a safe container to share and be challenged in my own limiting beliefs. That's definitely what I got. Sarah's guidance was feminine and flowy in the best of ways, while still being supportive with systems and accountability.

    I got so much inspiration and fire and desire to explore and expand my business. It definitely rekindled that fire, and it deepened my awareness about how mindset is key for thriving in your business. I loved getting individual feedback on both my ideas and potential limiting beliefs.

    I did not know there was still so much to be discovered about cycles and business! Well, I was wrong!"

    -- Maria Carmen

    Resources to Manifest

    "I've always been observant of cycles, but I hadn't realized how cycles impact my life daily and how to use them to manifest. I learned so much about myself and the way I function.

    When I am feeling overwhelmed by a task or an idea pops in my head, I know that I can use the resources from this workshop to manifest. I loved the journal prompts and visualization exercises!

    I walked away with so many resources that help transform my thinking."

    -- Dannie

    Stronger Intuition & Business Insights

    "I enrolled in Flow Create to learn more about my cycle and how to integrate that knowledge into my work and personal life. I already feel so much more connected to my body and am learning how to work in a way that honors my energy and what I need in that moment.

    The coolest thing that I have taken away so far is being more in tune with my body than I ever have been before. I could intuitively feel this week that I was ovulating and that is amazing! The amount of course materials that we have access to definitely exceeded my expectations.

    I had some really big insights into the future of my business here. I enjoyed this program so much and the knowledge you have given me is immeasurable. Thank you!"

    -- Ashley

    Personal Growth & Confidence

    "I have felt so enlightened from all of Sarah's knowledge. She provides room to personally grow, share our findings, develop a community, and encourage each other's growth. 

    I learned body awareness and confidence to talk about this stuff to everyone -- even mentioned cyclical nature and power of female bodies to my students. I loved learning how to better plan my work and ideas around my cycle. 

    What makes Flow Create unique is the community, and how comfortable it was to share and develop rituals and encourage each other. I was part of the space, not an individual member. Thank you so much for this experience."

    -- Andrea

    5-Figure Sales While Optimizing Energy 

    "I learned so much about the different stages of my cycle and how to make it work for me especially when it comes to moving my body, nutrition, and planning in business. 

    My favorite part was learning about how to best plan for a launch. I have used it to schedule projects where I have to show up on social media more or when I need to be creatively available for a client. This has helped me be able to rest instead of hopping on calls when I don't feel like it.

    Most recently, I sold a done-for-you VIP Weekend to a major global brand in the industry. I scheduled it during the week I knew I would be at my highest creative energy level to get the project done. I absolutely slayed the project! 

    The client was so impressed with the deliverables and is now moving forward with a 5-figure monthly retainer."

    -- F. C.  

    Guidance in All Areas of Life

    "Since the first week of Flow Create, Iโ€™ve started allowing my cycle to guide all aspects of my life such as my exercise, diet, marriage, friendships, and work.

    There is something magical about a group of women committed to taking time for themselves each week to grow, to learn about their cycles, and express their personal and professional dreams and hopes with other creative women.

     I ended up getting way more than I paid for and would highly recommend to anyone wondering if the price is worth it! She gives you so many resources that you can access long after the workshop is over. If it feels right, do it!"

    -- Alyssa

    Permission to Be in Feminine Flow

    "After coming off the pill, I wanted to learn more about my cycle and how I can tap into my biological rhythms. I realized that after being on the pill for 7 years, I didn't really know anything about my cycle at all!

    In our society, we're expected to perform at our peak all day every day, and I've always pushed myself to do just that. What I've learned from Flow Create has helped me reframe how I see my creativity and productivity, and allowed me to give myself grace.

    I've been able to take several steps back and look at the big picture, and recognize that I am allowed to go through seasons of how I feel and what is a priority for me. It's so much softer and more feminine, in the best way. So good Sarah, thank you!!"

    -- Morgan

    In Touch With Natural Cycles & Rhythms

    "This is a terrific program! I've never done any other program such as this! I have a much clearer understanding of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, what hormonal fluctuations are occurring during each of these stages and what I can be doing to support this through nutrition and movement.

    Up until now I've subscribed to the traditional productivity models informed by masculine energies, Flow Create has enlightened me to the fact that this is counterintuitive to my natural rhythm.

    I'm no longer just tracking time according to the calendar but according to my cycle which then puts me in touch with the lunar cycle, solar cycle and seasons. WOO!

    I really enjoyed myself and am pumped about going back to the resources so that I can continue to improve my understanding and enrich my day-to-day."

    -- Sandra 

    Less Self Criticism, Better Planning

    "It has changed the way I plan my days and weeks, and I am much less self critical on days I don't have much energy for anything. It felt very intimate which I loved. A combination of valuable information, sharing personal stories and ending with a ritual made the whole experience very enriching.

    I didn't think it would change my life so drastically and so soon, but it is."

    -- Kreety

    Body-Based Biz Breakthroughs

    "The main reason I was drawn to this course was to learn how to get into a better work routine to avoid running myself into the ground.

    Other than learning SO much information (sooo much, like I took so many notes and rewatched some of the videos), the visualization journeys were so amazing for me.

    It's truly amazing the breakthroughs you can have when you look within. Really learning to listen to my body and plan for how I'm going to be in each cycle."

    -- Ashley

    Understanding How Cycles Affect Life and Work

    "Sarah was so knowledgable + her personal experience with cyclical living came through so evidently throughout all the material.

    All of the additional resources, journal prompts + opening and closing rituals were amazing. I felt like it was all super thorough, and covered all the bases AND way beyond!

    Biggest result: having a better understanding of what I was naturally inclined to, or resisting, during each phase of my cycle - in both my personal life, and my work."

    -- Mia

    No More Forcing

    "I learned SO much about the specifics regarding hormones and the cyclical nature of ebbs and flow in energy, inspiration, and more! I loved how much of a safe space it was! I felt so welcomed and supported by everyone. 

    I particularly love the connection of phases of our cycle to the seasons. Finally feeling like I can stop forcing my body to cooperate and instead focusing on being in tune with the natural cycle of rest, inspiration, etc!"

    -- Lauryn

    Tangible Tools to Support Hormones, Health, and Business

    "I love that I now have tangible tools to support myself in whatever phase I am in and that I can apply this to my own business as well. I can connect to my creativity in a more grounded way, because I don't expect myself to be the same every day or week in terms of inspiration and energy.

    I learned so much about the hormonal cycle but also loved the elaborate descriptions of the interconnectedness between that cycle and the elements/moon phases/seasons etc. It's very holistic - it looks at many different ways of supporting yourself whilst also making it practical to apply to your own life.

    It's not just about hormones, or about nutrition, or about business, but it brings it all together!"

    -- Leneth

    Quitting a Draining Job and Balancing Work & Rest

    "I am so grateful that I got to take this course. Living with your cycle and not fighting your nature was eye opening for me! Is there another way for me to live my life?!

    I learned how to plan my life according to my cycle so that I can find balance between work and rest! Honoring the flow of my body led to me quitting my job that was draining me physically and mentally.

    Also, Sarah is an AMAZING coach and inspiration. She always takes time for your questions and makes sure that you are having a potent experience! You will not regret enrolling!"

    -- Madeleine

    Let's Flow ๐Ÿ’ฆ

    1 easy payment of:

    $888 CAD

    3 monthly payments of:

    $300 CAD 


    When does Flow Create run?

    We begin on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 and continue for 6 classes, ending on March 7.

    The live 2-hour classes will be every Tuesday @ 12 - 2 pm ET.

    What if I can't make the live Zoom classes?

    All classes are recorded, so you can learn and experience, even if you can't make it live. We've had women who could only watch recordings, and they still got so much out of the program. Plus, we will have a group chat for the duration of the program, so you can still interact with and experience the community!

    Can I join Flow Create if I don't have a period right now/ I'm on hormonal birth control?

    Yes! Past students without menstrual cycles have had great results from Flow Create. Flow Create dives into hormones and other cycles -- like the seasons and the creative process. As long as you're interested in learning the mechanics of the menstrual cycle, this program is for you.

    Will Flow Create help heal my hormonal imbalances?

    Flow Create is not a medical program. While we will be talking about lifestyle fixes to enhance hormone health and overall wellbeing, this program is not a substitute for professional medical help or advice. However, several women have found this program helpful for illuminating their hormonal imbalances and then worked with a practitioner to heal!

    If you have read this far, it's clear that this program is calling you.

    But if there is any reason at all that you are still unsure, I'd love to answer your questions and address any concerns.

    Please feel free to DM me on Instagram, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    And if you decide to join us for this round of Flow Create, I am so excited to have you. I'll see you soon!

    Love, Sarah ๐ŸŒ™