An amazing, supportive community where we focus on mindset, strategy - and putting YOU at the heart of your business

Welcome to The Flow & Flourish Business Academy - a business mentoring membership with a difference.

Why is it different?  Because the focus isn't on what you 'should' be doing and pressure, pressure, pressure.

 Instead, we're all about supporting you to reach your highest level of fulfilment and achieve your greatest desires - whatever they are - YOUR way.

Whether that's more money, more freedom & time... or just a business that brings you joy.  

We've got you.

We are passionate about helping wellbeing & service-based businesses grow to help as many people as possible - so together, we can impact as many lives as possible - whilst making sure you have the business of your dreams! 

There's expert advice on hand to help you with your business strategy.

Abi and Sarah are both coaches with over 25 years' combined experience as business owners in the health & wellbeing industry.  

And there's second-to-none mindset support to help you stay on track and grow in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Because... that's what we do!

"Genuinely you've created an amazing space. I love it SO much!"

"Really supportive group with awesome ladies. Brilliant value for money. Highly recommend joining".

Our years of experience in our busy Reiki and Hypnotherapy practices have taught us that there's one simple truth which underlies success in EVERY area of life:

When you're aligned, things flow;
When things flow, you flourish

As intuitive, heart-centred human beings, we resist anything that doesn't fully align with our subconscious beliefs and values.

That goes for your business strategy & goals, too.

So if you're tired of listening to everyone else's advice, you're feeling confused about which way to turn or you JUST need to know how you can grow your business in the simplest and easiest way for you - you're in the right place.

Here's what you'll get:

🌱 A powerful, compassionate, safe and supportive environment, in which to flourish.

We're all about community and relationship-building, with regular group coaching, networking and informal problem-solving sessions.

🌱 A unique blend of daily prompts, tasks and trainings to grow you AND your business.

All designed to be manageable, easily implemented and take up very little time but create huge impact.

🌱 E
nergetic and mindset work to support your growth and development every step of the way.

From monthly Reiki empowerment sessions to Quarterly goal setting 'Conception' sessions, and on-hand mindset support every day of the week.  

🌱 Plus a bank of fabulous resources to help you feel motivated, focused and energised, cut through procrastination and help you use your time more effectively than ever before.

To get those clients.

To charge the prices YOU want but maybe feel afraid to charge.

To get those offers OUT there rather than keeping your incredible talents hidden from the world! 

What else do you need to know?

We both love the great outdoors.

We'll probably regale you with tales of camping, diving and climbing and the odd muddy, happy, windswept photo. 

We love the odd glass of wine or three! 

We both run (but don't ask us to do any marathons)... 

...and we're MOST definitely all about sleaze-free, ick-free marketing.

Think you'll fit in here?

Join the waitlist below, and be the FIRST to hear when we re-open the doors - SOON!