Learn how Medellin´s flower parade originated + see the flower farming and taste a traditional dish made with organic food

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flowers + organic food

It´s not only about flowers, it’s about the culture that originated in Medellin that created our flower parade that happens in the first week of August every year;

!Learn what´s a "silleta" it´s different uses and how it is a cultural icon of Colombia!

We´ll visit an organic flower farm and organic food is also part of the culture. Meet a real "silletero" (flower farmer and parade participant) and see how a silleta is made. Then experience a home cooked  meal of traditional dishes with organic food harvested on the farm. 

what you will learn in our tour

+ Learn

History of flower parade and farming process

+ Learn

What are "Silletas" and how flower silletas are made

+ Learn

The flower culture and organic farming in Medellin

+ Taste

History of flower parade and farming process

+ Be

A "Silletero" for 5 minutes and for the picture

Our promise to you

  • Teach you everything from the history of "silletas" to the Flower parade.
  • The whole experience from the flower field to see how "silletas" are made.
  • Special lunch with the farmer and his wife made with organic food harvested in the farm (it´s our gift to you!)


  • PRICE: $200.000 COP
  • DURATION: 5 hours
  • Pay at the end
  • What´s included
    • Transportation Hotel-tour-hotel
    • Insurance
    • Flower farm visit
    • Traditional dish for lunch with the family.
    • Silleta making


  • Please wear long pants and tennis or shoes (not sandals)
  • Please have breakfast before the tour
  • Please wear sunblock, a hat and repellent
  • Please withdraw enough cash for the day as we try not to make extra stops for no delays. 
  • Please be ready to walk through flower fields, be surrounded by nature and see colorful birds, it´s a 10 minutes walk.  

Our Guarantee

If anything in our promise or specifications is not delivered you get the tour for free! you pay at the end so all the risk is on us! that´s how sure we are you'll love it.  

Meet the host

Lucas Rave is a serial entrepreneur passionate about Colombian culture, therefore he created the coffee tour,  flower tour  and Jardin Spanish school that specializes in Spanish intensive immersion  and practical courses for travelers. On another facet, he is a singer song writer; you can check out his music as Raoli on youtube Raoli music.

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