You CAN grow your faith in 15 minutes a day...

It just requires intentionality and a few simple strategies to help you focus.

The FOCUSED 15 Challenge


The FOCUSED 15 is a 5-day challenge designed to help you grow your faith.

Many women struggle to find time and focus to grow their relationship with God through studying the Word. This challenge will give you the practical strategies you need for quality Bible study in just 15 minutes. 


You will get a daily challenge right in your inbox with practical tips for time, focus, and an actual Bible study.

Day #1

Prepare with strategies to find your 15 minutes as we take a look at Matthew 6.

Day #2

Protect your time from distractions with helpful tips for your study.

Day #3

Prioritize your time with resources right at your fingertips.

Day #4

Plan ahead for Bible study to maximize your 15 minutes.

Day #5

Pursue Jesus as we dive into His Word and grow our faith in Him.