Follow Your Soul Path Giveaway


If you're here, it’s because you are aware of the importance of finding the path in your life that will bring you meaning and fulfillment.

As a woman, you have probably spent a lot of your life looking after other people's needs or trying to make other people happy.

But you know that you have your own needs and desires that aren't being fulfilled - and that now is the time for you to do something about it.

So how do you do that? How do you know what your soul path is and how do you start following it?

It's not easy to know what to focus on to make meaningful change in your life.

And sometimes even though you think you know what you need to do, you're not sure how to do it, or you don't get the results that you expected.

Sometimes, there are hidden blocks that prevent you from moving forward as much as you wish you could.

That's why we have gathered together this amazing group of coaches, healers and practitioners, all of them recognized experts in their field, who have all contributed their valuable gifts to this Follow Your Soul Path giveaway. 

Each resource will help you master one aspect of finding and following your soul path, so you can start living the meaningful life you were born for!

There's a lot of wisdom here! And it's all yours for the taking!


As an Ancestral Healer, Spiritual Coach and Family Researcher, Cyndie Kramer guides women searching for their soul purpose to find it by connecting into the power of their ancestors.

With the spiritual support of their ancestors, she empowers women to release the inherited patterns that are blocking them from their true self and realize the unique gifts they were born with so they can follow their soul's desires and find the life path that feels fulfilling, authentic and meaningful.

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Website | FB | Community: Relatively Seeking: Women Finding Our True Self Through Our Ancestors

Ilsa Comte Adair is a published author, licensed psychotherapist, healer and intuitive business growth alchemist.

She has developed a unique and powerful process that merges strategy, energy and community to help healers and transformational coaches grow their audience and enroll clients with ease to create the impact and income they desire and deserve.

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Website | FB | Community: The Inner Wisdom Way to Soulful Success

Celia Sasser is the founder of She's-Magic brand, Manifesting Moon Magic planner, and Enchanted magazine.

As a manifesting coach, she guides women to connect with their inner magic and attract an enchanted life. 

An enchanted life is to intuitively guide yourself towards what makes you happy, and life is the process by which we co-create with the Universe. Everything we observe in nature is a metaphor for how we should be living through the cycle of growth. And when we manifest with the phases of the moon, the moon teaches us our natural growth process.

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Website | FB | Community: She's Magic

Jennifer Holik is an intuitive healer specializing in inherited and war trauma, and personal and ancestral healing. 

She teaches that discovering the history of our families allows for family patterns, inherited trauma, and secrets to rise. This provides an opportunity to us for healing and closure.

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Website | Linktree | Community: Ancestral Souls Wisdom School

Ewa Heard is a business and alignment coach helping spiritual workers to build wildly successful businesses with so much ease, flow and alignment by combining proven business strategy and soul-aligned practices.

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Website | FB | Community: Meant for More for Passion Driven Entrepreneurs

Julie Cook is a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Therapist, with a professional background in education, training and speaking. 

She specializes in mentoring and awakening Lightworkers and Starseeds. She also guides the newly awakened with their life purpose so they can walk the path they are meant to.

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Website | FB | IG

As a licensed Holistic Therapist, Ascension Coach, Healer and Mindfulness Teacher, Amie Dean helps you permanently heal inner child wounds so you can live the most expansive, joy-filled life imaginable.

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Website | FB | Community: Awakening Spiritually Together

Crystal Lynn is a Divine Empowerment Coach who helps women who feel defeated after divorce learn to trust themselves so they can reclaim their life as free, powerful independent women.

She discovered her purpose of coaching other women when going through her own divorce and focusing on mindset, spirituality, healing and self-love.

Her clients transform into bold and confident women who show up and create a life they love. They are Queens who lead with their power and love.

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Website | FB | Community: Free Powerful Independent Women

Sharon Buck is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Intuitive Sound Alchemist.

She is passionate about helping empaths and specifically entrepreneurs and those who struggle to unburden themselves from their emotional baggage and are ready to leave the old stories behind that keep them stuck, in a quest to find meaning and their purpose in the world.

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| FB | Community: Empowered Empath Entrepreneurs

Dr. Lyz is a licensed psychologist and visionista by design.

She loves empowering you to accomplish your vision and goals in LIFE and LOVE!

"Don't wait until something is broken to attend to your health and wellness.
Love yourself MORE today!"

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Kara Daniels is an Animal, Nature & Spirit Communicator and Nature Infused Energy Healer.

Her methods are rooted with an Earth and nature-based approach where Earth, animals, nature and spirit are all intertwined, alive and communicating

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| FB | Community: Nature’s Connection - Animals, Nature, Spirit

 Lorie Gardner is a registered nurse, healthcare advocate, and certified health and wellness coach. 

For the past decade, she has offered high-quality healthcare advocacy and health and wellness coaching services, working directly with clients to help them achieve their personal health goals.

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| FB | Community: Magnificent Midlifers

Maura McMahon is a Spiritual Branding and Business Coach on a mission to help Female Healers, Coaches, and Course Creators go from invisible, unknown and unfulfilled, to standing out and consistently attracting soul-aligned clients so that they create greater impact and thrive in their spiritual business!

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Website | FB | Community: High Vibe Spiritual Entrepreneurs

 Reshmi Purmar is a Relationship Coach & Psychic Healer.

Finally, you can love FEARLESSLY. Ready to move from a cycle of heartbreak, frustration and conflict, to connection and loving whole heartedly? Heal your past experiences and trauma.

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| FB | Community: Uncompromising Women

Jacquelyne Ellis is a professional intuitive, animal communicator and teacher.

She specializes in teaching people to develop and refine their intuition, to trust their own inner wisdom, to receive personal guidance and to feel tangible spiritual support in their daily lives.

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Website | FB | Community: Women Discovering Their Unique Intuitive Essence

Jackie is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healing Coach.

Her mission is to help others become their best self through healing.

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Website | FB

 Diana Kearns is a Life Coach who empowers women to understand and recognize their strengths and power within so they can overcome their fears and self-limitations and achieve Acceptance, Courage & Knowledge.

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FB | IG | Community: Empowered Fearless Females 

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