What readers are saying about this book

Xavier Eikerenkoetter

Co-founder, Rhythm Arts Alliance, Los Angeles | Spiritual Dir. Emeritus, United Palace House of Inspiration, NYC

"Evolution Diverted gives us a fresh look in our “known” historical facts and resounds with a deeper and alternative truth to the global party line of human and planetary history. I appreciate that this book is grounded in psychology, spirituality, and science. It is an intriguing, fascinating, and absorbing work of scholarship on the one hand, and depth-interpretation on the other."

Linda Gooding, PhD

Professor Emerita, Emory University | Department of Microbiology and Immunology

"The challenge presented to the reader by Evolution Diverted is to try on for size a new reality; to explore its implications and possibilities without a priori claiming it to have veracity; and to see if accepting that our species’ original challenges are a factor in one’s personal difficulties to actually help one in overcoming them."

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Those familiar with Anunnaki:

With new evidence and advances in science, Evolution Diverted will validate your fascination with the ancient tales. The book strengthens the credibility to the stories of the Lofty Ones with scholarly and scientific discourse. It also explains why the stories are as important as you’ve always felt them to be, by showing how they’ve left deep imprints on all of human history, including the present moment. As a bonus, the work lays out for the first time in seamless chronology the essential core of the saga of the living gods and the peoples of Mesopotamia.

If you’re well versed in the stories, you can get a sample of how the book bolsters their credibility by using this link to the chapter: The Origin of Our Species. 

Those whose curiosity takes them beyond mainstream science:

The journey on which your curiosity has been leading you will seem to point quite naturally to Evolution Diverted. You are likely to feel that your interest in avoided and obscured truths is supported by the challenge to orthodoxy that the book poses. The work may fortify your conviction that eventually many unfairly deprecated explorers, such as Anton Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich, and Zecharia Sitchin, will be afforded the full honor they deserve. And if your intuition has been telling you that the standard view of human history is misleading in some fundamental way, this work will provide information that may resolve your quandary.

If this describes your orientation, you will enjoy the book’s embrace of the most fundamental of all physical realities, denigrated for over a hundred years as prescientific Eastern mysticism, with this link to the appendix: The Field.

Those relentlessly seeking answers to questions like, "What is our purpose?" and "Why are we at war with ourselves and nature?"

Evolution Diverted will provide you with facts and ideas you may be able to use to arrive at the answers for which you are searching. In the book you will likely find support for the hope that you wish to maintain for humanity’s future. To confirm that this book is aligned with your motivation, with this link you can leap ahead to one of its final chapters: What Now?